Unequal volume between channels - Help

At low volume, the right channel of an integrated amp is inaudible until it is turned up a bit. I suspect the channel may also be a little quieter at higher volumes as well, but I have not measured it.

Anyone know what I might try to do, before sending it somewhere for work? I have already rebiased the tubes, cleaned all speaker contacts, and switched speakers. As a side note, when the balance it turned all the way to the right, the left channel crackles a bit during the adjustment. Amp is a Jolida 102b.

Thanks ahead for suggestions!

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I think kotta's correct.
Many, if not most pots have poor channel balance at very low volumes, but this usually is not present at normal listening volumes. However the crackling is probably dirt, and can be cleaned. The quick way to do this is to turn off the amp and rapidly spin the volume back and forth. The real way involves spraying electrical cleaner into the pot while spinning back and forth.
The real real way is to change to a better quality pot.