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I sometimes receive e-mail blasts from this seller/retailer.  This online retailer seem to handle many brands of various audio components, some with some name recognition, some with none.  All products are advertised with screaming discounts and cable giveaways (is this a red flag?). 

Some of the brands like GAS and LSA, seem to go back quite some years.  I am trying to understand how this business works and whether it is reputable for selling solid gear.  Or is this like some retailers that buy up old defunct trademarks then sources gear from cheap contract suppliers that make stuff at low cost, cutting corners with quality?

Would appreciate any insight or customer experiences.  There are a number of items that could be of interest to me as I upgrade my two channel system but I can't help but be somewhat wary.
Call him and find out for yourself. 

Great guy - always a salesman yet my experiences with him have been positive. 

Good luck.

Bought a pair of Silverline Prelude Plus speakers from Underwood HiFi several years back. Great price. Product as described. Smooth transaction. Would do business again.

Walter is a veteran in the industry.  I believe (could have things a bit garbled) he and Chris (Parts Connexion) were partners in developing/marketing Sonic Frontiers gear in the past.
I have not bought from him but I have talked to him a couple of times and he always returned my calls answered my questions and came across as a knowledgeable straight up person. 
I bought a DSPeaker X4 from him a couple of years ago. His customer service and delivery were stellar. Great guy to talk to as well. Give him a chance!

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