Underrated jazz greats

I listen to all sorts of music, but mostly jazz. There are many musicians who, for whatever reason, don't attract the attention that their great gifts possibly deserve. I would be interested to know who others think are hidden gems in the jazz world, who have contributed substantially to the genre.

I will begin with two musicians who I believe are outstanding, and deserving of the highest recognition.

1) Lew Tabackin - an outstanding tenor player, and a phenomenal jazz flutist in my view.

2) Sir Roland Hanna - tremendous command of the keyboard, and he thought around the perimeter of pieces to make them both musically and intellectually satisfying.

Very interested in others' thoughts.

Great call on Toshiko Akioshi. What a great performer!

My brother went to high school with their daughter, and we used to go see the Akiyoshi-Tabackin Big Band at Dante's in North Hollywood whenever we had the chance.
My list is tooo big.

Mark Nauseef
Freddy Studer
Torsten De Winkle
Marcus Stockhousen
Johanes Enders
Wolfgang Hafner
Fish for Fish
Nils Peter Molvaer
Marcus Wasilewski
Vlatko Stefanowski
Terje Rypdal
Filipe Catherine
Charlie Mariano
Jasper Vant Hoff
Bo Stief
Allan Holdsworth
Pere Ubu
George Cartwright
Pierre Moerlen
David Sylvian
Mick Karn
Jon Hassel
Jah Wobble
Pop Mechanics
Oregon(Roscoe Mitchell)
Sun Ra
Edie Jobson