Underrated album: Sonics AND Music

Listening to this CD this evening it struck me that this might be the most underrated CD I have, from both a sonics and music point of view. I bet everyone has a go-to album that needs more respect.  Mine: Rosanne Cash— Rules of Travel. 
Rumble Doll by Patti Scialfa, her debut album. Produced by Mike Campbell and Springsteen, good songs, stellar musicians (on drums Keltner, Porcaro, and Aronoff!), and Patti’s singing is really, really good. While Bruce’s albums sound terrible, this one sounds (iirc ;-) pretty damn good, perhaps because Mark Linett and Bob Clearmountain are involved.
The Youngbloods - Elephant Mountain 

Not very well known but excellent none the less.
Iron Maiden -Fear of the Dark
Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood
Greg Kihn Band - Kihnspiracy
John Klemmer - Touch
Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien
Janice Ian - Breaking Silence
Mount Moriah  "S/T"

ATTWT by GENESIS is a wonderful record, a stylish mixture of old grand schemes and pop ballads. There is the pastoral beauty with poetic landscapes alongside simpler rock approach, this album has always sounded BIG as if there was an orchestra behind the mix, even with lesser equipment (back in the day I had a Dux stereo system). The album today sounds better than ever and hasn´t aged a bit but sadly remains their last great album and the last truly great concept rock albums from the incredibly versatile and musically rich 1970s...

Alongside, and coincidentally is also Yes´s last true great progressive album Tormato in the very same year 1978, just before that wonderful music decade suddenly became a fading memory. Both Banks and Wakeman shine there, because they always did their style and coudn´t care less what others did or thought about. It was the era of the Giants.