under the radio early 80s new wave....

Looking for lost gems from this era...like Gary Myrick, Felony, the Flirts,etc....
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The Waitress's
The Fabalous Poodles
Missing Persons
Thomas Dolby
Gary Numan
Lita Lovich
Split Enz
The Fixx
Echo and the Bunnymen
Heaven 17
The Cure
The Joy Division
Flock of Seagulls
Sorry it's Lena Lovich
Slow Children
The Flying Lizards
Roderick Falconer
David Werner
missing Persons
flock of seagulls
the producers
romeo void
orchestral maneuvers in the dark-omd
howard jones
thomas dolby
alot of the synth-y 80s stuff is really dated now and i rarely listen to it, but the guitar-based brit bands still sound good to me--echo & the bunnymen, teardrop explodes, psychedelic furs, chameleons. more under the radar, and even better were comsat angels, the sound and sad lovers & giants
Pearl Harbor and the Explosions
Medium Medium (Hungry, So Angry)
The The
The vapors
haircut 100
Nina Hagen
Babe Ruth
wall of Voodoo
siouxsie and the banshees
love and rockets
the mission uk
peter murphy
depeche mode
new order
the sugarcubes
the jam
fun boy 3
the specials
book of love
general public
the creatures
altered images
peter shilling
Just about anything produced by Trevor Horn
Spandau Ballet
The Pole Cats
The Selecter
The English Beat
Gang of Four
Paul Kelly and the Dots
Culture Club
Big Audio Dynamite
Wang Chung
Violet Femmes
Tones on Tail
Til Tuesday
This Mortal Coil
The Nails
Grace Jones
Talk Talk (Spirit of Eden)
Hey Phasecorrect,
Not sure if you had to be there, but based on your list it seems like you might dig 20/20- Yellow Pills, The Pop- Go, Robert Williams- Buy My Record, Paul Collins Beat- 1st, Ultravox- Rage In Eden and maybe Lizzy-Mecier Desloux- Press Color.
My favourite band is Depeche Mode. Some of my other favourites from the 80's and into the 90's are:

Trashcan Sinatras
The Ocean Blue
The Outfield
The Wild Swans
Rhythm Corps
Book of Love
Everything but the Girl
The Mighty Lemon Drops
Bad Company with Brian Howe on vocals
The La's
The Stone Roses
Spandau Ballet
Big Country
The Cure

and if you want a great sampler from the 80s try the Sire Records Just Say Yes compiations.
Thomas Leer...check out "All About You."

I just noticed that no-one has mentioned The Feelies.

They are a very quirky NJ based band that played with the fundamental rhythmic conceits of rock n roll to produce a really personal brand of music with great urgency and momentum. The very fast tempos, two distinctive guitarists (Bill Million, Glenn Mercer) providing unusual leads and repetitive washes of acoustic and electric rhythm guitar still sounds fresh today. They were pretty well known for their great live shows and were a huge favorite of the NY Times pop music critics. You might call it abstract thrash for Wall St.

Not for every taste, but one of my favorites from that, or any other, era.

NB They recently released their first new record in 16 years - and it takes you right back.

How about Split Enz, General Public, Devo, the English Beat.