Under the Boardwalk

My favorite cover of "Under the Boardwalk" is Rickie Lee Jones' version from her 'Girl at Her Volcano' LP.

However, I was in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, on business, and I heard another cover of this song on the radio station that was preset in the rental car. It was really quite good (though still not as good, IMHO, as Rickie Lee's). Of course, the radio station did not identify who it was.

So, my questions are these: What is your favorite version of Under the Boardwalk? What is the best recording of Under the Boardwalk (other than Rickie Lee)?

Since it was being played on the radio perhaps it's new?

AMG says the most recent is from Lynn Anderson (Country).
Husband and wife Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of the TALKING HEADS covered this in their side band, THE TOM TOM CLUB, back in 1981. There's a lot of synthesizer used in this cover of the song
I'm old enough to remember when The Drifter's came out with the song and I've yet to hear a better version. It was one of my all time favorites.
Believe it or not on the Rolling stones album 12 X 5 the do a version of Under the Boardwalk. This is aviable in stereo, mono and my favorite 4 track stereo. This is when the Stones were at their best, IMHO.
Don't forget the Mellencamp version.
I agree with Mitchchavis, I think the Drifters' is the best version, shows my age. Interestingly, there is an AM radio and an FM radio version of the song by the Drifters ("falling in love" for AM, "making love" for FM). My men's harmony quartet does a nice acapella version of the song, but we haven't recorded :^).
I checked Amazon and they had 455 listings using the song title. Some interesting ones were:

Bruce Willis
Jackson 5
Lynn Anderson (I doubt this is new, probably a re-release)
Bette Midler

and hundreds more!


The Drifters...then flattery through imitation.
Ghastly sound quality on Jones early digital recording of this song. "Girl At Her Volcano" is the appropriate title for the EP; the sound just couldn't be any hotter. The Stones version is an excellent reading and a nice contrast to Jones marvelous interpretation.
The Undertones, from the album Hypnotised (Released on 18th April, 1980). I thought they had written it until suddenly my Dad began to sing along!!!!!
Thanks for all the responses....I can see that a future project will be to obtain these different versions and have fun comparing. That should be a nice change from A/B comparing equipment.
maybe its a new version with just updated drum tracks, I keep hearing old songs wich are same vocals and such, but with deep kinda mellow ghetto bass....maybe its one of those projects?
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