Under speakers Vibrapod or Gaïa

Does anyone compare Gaïa and Vibrapod under speaker ?  With Vibrapod,  for the $, I have great result under my speakers, but, does it worth the extra $$$ interchanging with Gaïa ?
Personal experience with Vibrapod: 50% of them collapse, completely, even when using more of the recommended, "weight rated" versions than(purportedly) necessary, for the heft of the component. Happened in more than one instance and with more than one component. No response from the makers, when asked about the matter, which(to me) is a greater issue.
Gala will work and sound best by far.
rodman99999 ,  After how many months did you find the colapse ?

ebm5 ,  Yes surely better life span than, a round rubber circle, (mentionned by rodman99999) due to Gaïa very well construction and engineering, it would be last much more longer.  Thank you both of you.

@audiosens-  About three months, far as when I moved my first component and noticed the issue.   The collapses could have actually started in the first three minutes/hours/days/weeks.  They're cheap, but- that's still not much value.     
I suspect the cable company will refund your purchase if you don't think the isoacoustics are worth money. Probably worth a try, I know I really like mine. 
IME, Vibrapods are only effective when used with very light equipment. 
boxer12 , I will try the Gaïa, for my speakers, thank you.
You're welcome! Let us know what you think
The real choice is between the GAIA and the Townshend Audio Seismic Pod products.
Do people still use Vibrapods? Not very effective. And as noted, they don't even last. Many excellent options today, including everything mentioned here besides Vibrapods. 
Not a big fan of any rubber isolator 😛 No offense but all those air bladders, air springs, inner tubes, they come with built in problems, particularly their bad geometry, too much internal damping/friction, their tendency to leak, preventing ideal performance or reducing optimum performance. Total pain the 🍑. Mechanical steel springs are more reliable, more consistent in performance, and can produce much lower iso system Fr. Keep it simple stupid.
@geoffkait   My speakers have 'rubber bumpers' as stock footers for the rear side of the speakers and spikes upfront. The spikes are taller than the bumpers, for tilt and for clearance of the bottom ported transmission line. This is the stock setup.

What would you recommend? Thanks.
@audiosens Herbie's Footers are a reasonably priced solution should they be appropriate for your speakers. Star Sound Technologies is another option to consider. All the best with your decision.
@geoffkait My speakers have ’rubber bumpers’ as stock footers for the rear side of the speakers and spikes upfront. The spikes are taller than the bumpers, for tilt and for clearance of the bottom ported transmission line. This is the stock setup.

What would you recommend? Thanks. Report this>>>>Generally speaking I would try spikes all around. It depends on whether you can do without tilt. I would also try DH cones, say the medium ones to see how they sound relative to spikes. If you must have tilt you can use DH Squares on the front DH Cones, or on the front spikes if you decide to use four spikes. Another option is to replace the rubber bumpers with a Herbies footer of the same size. But in the back of your mind think about isolating the speakers with my springs. 🤗

Whatever method you try remember always use the speaker set up track on the XLO Test CD or similar disc for best results. If you don’t do that what’s the point?
The other choice is the Nordost SortFut
@geoffkait    I'll check in when I'm ready to address speaker isolation.  Thank You! Your post was helpful.
GAIA are sold in sets of four. I'm considering getting a set of the model 2 (which support up to 120 lbs. when used in quads) for my Sound Anchor speaker stands, but they are a 3-point design. If anyone else needs only 6 GAIA's for his/her speakers (up to 90 lbs.), let's do what Wilbert Harrison suggested, and work together.
I use Vibrapods under my Klipsch Heresy IIIs and, perhaps since they're the proper "weight handling" versions, they work great. 
wolf_garcia ,  Thank's;  I was thinking to place a wood board under the existing vibrapods and add four other Vibrapod under the wood board.  So it will be twice decouple ?  Would it be better ?
Audiosens...maybe, as the main point for me anyway is to keep the speakers's vibration out of the floor which can act as a passive transducer of sorts...there's a simple test I demonstrate to my friends who pretend to be paying attention...play something bass heavy and touch the speaker box near the floor...feel that? Now touch the floor near the speaker...no vibes...now get me a beer...wait...forget that last part...for now.

wolf_garcia , I have already Vibrapod and they made my speakkers much better sounding like music... nothing to compare with Spikes on my flooting floor... so I will check for the Vibrapod and give them a try ;)  Thank you