under $500 used which a/v receiver or processor

do audiophiles prefer? nad? rotel? marantz? denon? integra? b&k? others?
Good question. First IMO, you're not going to get much in the way of performance, power, and sound fidelity for a brand new a-v receiver under $500.00. That's just the way it is. You get what you pay for as the old saying goes. Second, NAD and Rotel don't even offer A-V receivers for under $500.00. Marantz just has one under $500.00, their SR3001. Denon offers two under $500.00. I don't know enough about B&K but I believe they're a more expensive line like Rotel. So to answer your question and just my humble opinion, I would go out on a limb and state that true audiophiles will probably consider Rotel to be more accpetable to them than the others in your list That's just an opinion. Rotel build quality and resale value are solid for starters. The audio reproduction out of Rotel products is simply outstanding !! Are you in the market for something under $500.00? If so, e-mail me directly.
im looking for a a/v receiver or processor in the used market. not really considering new equipment due to budget constraints. ive seen some b&k, nad, rotel, marantz and integras in this price range which had the original price well over $1000 originally. i have a b&k 2 channel amp 2 psb stratus minis, 2 paradigm atoms, and a hsu vtf 2 sub. looking for a 5.1 receiver or processor that has dolby digital, dts and dolby prologic capabilities. planning to run a 4.1 setup with phantom center. not really thinking about upgrading to 6 or 7 channels in the future; considering the small size of my room. thanks for the input, i also like rotel sound i own a 2 channel integrated that runs my totem mites and they do sound neutral and transparent. i just want to get peoples opinion regarding the best bang for the buck at the used market at this price range.
thank you
I think that the pre/pro route may be over your budget , for a decent one anyway . You may have better luck in the A/V receiver market .
You should be able to get a nice 5.1 , without HDMI , A/V receiver in the used market for $500 . If you want HDMI , Onkyo's entry level unit (605 ?) can be had within your budget , online new .

Good luck .
I second the Onkyo 605 for $399 at Amazon. In addition to HDMI connections it decodes the advanced audio formats (Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio). If you have, or plan on having a HD display, blu-ray, etc. in the future, you'll regret not having these features.
I have a five year aold Arcam AVR 200. It is an ss intergrated rated at 85 wpc, but definitely drives harder than that. Very good power management. It has DD, DTS decoding, and 5.1 channels. I chsoe it over the Denon 3910 (3901?) and have been real, real pleased with it. I usually see them for around $500 here.
in terms of a more detailed and accurate presentation; which brand do you prefer b&k, nad or marantz?
wait a little longer and save up for the Integra. its the best thing out there at that price level. For $850.00 brand new you can get a 6.8. It's got 3 HDMI in/out, 1080p, 7.1, has 3 zone capability, its THX certified, has Dolby True HD, and independent block construction. Also is XM/Sirius capable.
i have a integra 7.1 av receiver. yes it does have a bunch of dsp settings and features i think its pretty decent in sound (not really an expert in terms of high end stuff since i havent heard seperates yet) but the power section is not that hefty i think denons and nads (av receivers) have more in terms of power.thanks for the input though

The Onkyo 605 doesn't do the advanced audio formats. Still a good buy however.
There are pre-HDMI Cambridge Audio AV receivers getting blown out in this price range. Try Audio Advisor's site for deals on them.
Rrekstad ;
This is from Onkyo's website :

7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver

HDMI V1.3 repeater (2in/1out, 1080p compatible)
HDMI video up-conversion with DCDi technology
Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoding
90 w/ch x 7 ch

What audio formats are you refering to ?
any opinions on the marantz sr 4001 in terms of 2 channel music
Rrekstad, as indicated by Saki70, the 605 does in fact decode Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio.

great rotels without HDMI on Market for a steal as are amps. Have Cary now - the slighest of an upgrade at a huge price.