Under $3K streaming dac suggestions, Roon Ready?

Just as the title explains..

Currently using an Auralic Mini to Mytek Liberty.  Looking for a one box solution to save space/cables primarily, but if sound quality improvement is capable in the under $3K range as well, then WOOHOO!!!

Will be hooked up to a Yamaha A-S2100 integrated, Spendor A4 speakers.

I've previously used: Lumin D2, and PS Audio DSD Jr. - and both of those sounded the same as my current setup, and I'm not against going back to either of those since they fit the requirements.

Open to all/any other suggestions.  I have my eye currently on: Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and the Teac NT-505.  Would prefer a component that offers balanced & unbalanced outputs, and volume control isn't needed of course.


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david_ten, great list, thanks for posting!  I have been looking for a list like that.  Funny when I got my Teac I naively thought I was at mid or higher end of streamer food chain, cost-wise ..... nope!
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Thanks for the link @david_ten
One option that hasn't been mentioned is the miniDSP SHD, a very nice sounding unit.  It is not deluxe, but if you want DSP for your room or to attach 1 or 2 subwoofers, it is far more flexible than what Roon offers. If you've no interest in DSP, it might not be the unit for you.

Thank you both for the countless hours you spend in this forum. We are so fortunate to have a paying, advertising dealer on this site willing to take his time to compare the products he carries to the ones he doesn't, then of course letting us know which ones are better. Just knowing the the Audio Doctor is ALWAYS in (working the forum section) is of great comfort when we need solid, unbiased advice.