Under $3K streaming dac suggestions, Roon Ready?

Just as the title explains..

Currently using an Auralic Mini to Mytek Liberty.  Looking for a one box solution to save space/cables primarily, but if sound quality improvement is capable in the under $3K range as well, then WOOHOO!!!

Will be hooked up to a Yamaha A-S2100 integrated, Spendor A4 speakers.

I've previously used: Lumin D2, and PS Audio DSD Jr. - and both of those sounded the same as my current setup, and I'm not against going back to either of those since they fit the requirements.

Open to all/any other suggestions.  I have my eye currently on: Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and the Teac NT-505.  Would prefer a component that offers balanced & unbalanced outputs, and volume control isn't needed of course.


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The dac chip in the LUMIN D2 is only 24-bit and was released in 2007, right?  

That is the same year iPhone was released! Ie, stone ages for fast moving tech area (at least as fast moving as audio gets). 

I havent listened to it and I’m sure it’s great for that era but just making the point it is 12 yrs old 
The only thing I would consider is the Ayre Codex, plus whatever you can do for the streaming part. I ended up with the Roonb Nucleus, serving both the endpoint and core functions. It sounds fantastic! For me, the Codex is what transformed the digital side of my system from HiFi, to truly musical. The only better choices I have heard are above $5k. The Aurilic stuff I have heard were not in the same leagu.
@musicloversaudio Thank you for the suggestion.  The Codex was on my watch list last year, but to me it seems like a sideways move from the Mytek Liberty.

I haven't heard the Codex, so I could be way off, but as far as my main goal, it puts me on the same boat.
Interesting post Musiclovers Audio an Ayre dealer. 

We have heard the Codex and quite frankly it is a very nice $2k dac personally we would take the Ifi DSD over the Ayre any day of the week, the combination of tubes and upconverting to high res DSD is awesome  sounding and extremely musical also with its multitude of filters you can have your digital sounding anyway your like

The Mytek is also a sweet little dac, not quite as bloomy as the ifi but an exceptional all around performer.

And if you are going to spend $2,500.00 on a Codex and another $1,200 to $2,500.00 on an appropriate streamer, and a digital cable you are going to be in the $5k price range, and then you have wonderful class leaders like the Lumin T2.

Kren the Wolfson Dac is indeed an older dac, just like the Burr Brown PCM 1792 that is used in the Bel Canto, the same chip is used in the brand new $8k Naim NDX II so the take away is unless you are processing to DSD 256 to 512 or higher res PCM the dac chip is just one part of the equation. 

Lumin uses the Wolfson because it is a very analog sounding dac chip.

We had a Lumin A1 traded in and it easily sounded as good as many of our modern dacs, just lacking a bit or air or prescence compared to the more modern Lumin T2 or some of the other dacs.

So yes it is nice to have the latest chip set back a dac's overall sound is affected just as much by the analog output stage, the dac's filters and jitter spectum and clocking.

For this reason the Lumin D2 is still considered one of the best sounding dac/streamers in its price point. Lumin is a divison of a large engineering company that builds broadcast gear and high performance cable boxes, they have a far greater engineering pool to call upon and  resources than most high end audio companies, which is one of the reasons that Lumin continues to be such a big player in  our little world. 

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