Under $2K table/arm advice

Looking for a second system table/arm in the $2K range. VPI traveler, Avid Ingenium,Rega RP6, Clearaudio Concept. Also others from Pro-ject look interesting. Any one heard, own or have any advice on any of the above (or others)in this price range?
Origin Live Aurora
Origin Live Aurora, SOTA Comet IV
The VPI classic used makes so much sense that I have to say it's a no-brainer. I would also recommend a used VPI-HW19 Turntable and of course any of the well-tempered tables in the used market. The sky is the limit in excellent tables and it's just a matter of taste and funds. The best in your search.
Another vote for SOTA!
@Tbromgard, where can you get an Origin Live Aurora with arm for less than $2000?
Another vote for a used VPI Classic.
My vote for either the Rega RP6 or Origin Live Aurora!

For MC cart, I'd recommend the Dynavector DV-20X2 for either of these TTs.
Thanks for all the help. Looks like the Origin Live is highly reviewed. I will be running a mono cartridge. Not sure which one yet.
I got to hear this table in Memphis a couple of weeks ago. Incredible sound and build, it's going to be my next table. Heard it with the new Ortofon Quintet Black.
The Merrill is well below your limit but punches way above it.
VPI TNT jr w 12" JMW arm is an option.
I found mine here for $1500 but like an idiot sold it for $1900.
My favorite of all the tables I have owned.