Under $2000 speaker for McIntosh MA6500

I recently purchased a used McIntosh MA 6500 integrated amp. Could any of you make suggestions for speakers under $2000 that would mate well with the amp and my room? My listening room is 24' x 19' with 9ft ceiling. I'm now using a pair of Athena AS-F2 with good results, but am looking for something better. Input and any suggestions would certainly be appreciated -Adam
Sonus Fabers...Cremonas, Grand Pianos (maybe), old Electa Amators...Extremas might be over the budget?
Can you give a couple examples of speakers you have heard and like/don't like. Also how loud do you like to play music? Are you looking for full range (hard to find at that price) or can you like with a speaker that only goes to 40hz?
You can't go wrong with a used Vandersteen 2CE signature II, around $1800. I have this speaker and being driven with my mac. MC2100 The sound quality is just phenominal.
Thanks for the good response fellows. In response to Bjesien, an example of a speaker that I don't like would be Polk LSI9. This speaker is sounding like it is playing thru a fog, the bass is overemphasised and muddled, and high frequency seems to be a bit rolled off. The Athena AS-F2 I'm listening to now better the Polk in almost every way. I did enjoy the Vandersteen 2C that I once used with an NAD C372. I also enjoyed the sound of Allison Model Nine and a pair JBL 4425 large studio monitors with a horn and a 12 driver on the bottom. I listen to music fairly loud sometimes, 12 o'clock on the McIntosh MA 6500 volume control is not uncommon, but usually lower. I'm afraid I will not be happy with a smaller speaker and will need a full-range floorstander.
Mac ma6500 and Revel m22s have been phenomenal for me. Full bodied , detailed and musical all at the same time
You can't go wrong with Tekton Lore. $1,000. Efficient, great sounding,
30hz bass. Full bodied, transparent, detailed with no etch or glare, nicely
balanced top to bottom, read the reviews, they are accurate and match my
listening. Best, Rob
It has been four years since that post,if he is still looking he must be a real careful shopper!