Under 1500$ Solid State Amp for Usher Be-718

Looking for the best used solid state amp for under $1,500.

This will be used in a small room (13x12x10) with a sub for music and HT use.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.
On sale right now on Audiogon, I would love to have any of these:
McCormack DNA 1 or 125
Odyssey Stratos Plus
Parasound A21
Conrad Johnson MF 2500
Krell KAV-250a
Bryston 4B-ST
Balanced Audio Technology vk-200
I have the Ushers too. I have used a McCormack DNA .5 with great results. I am currently using a Musical Fidelity int amp which I like even better. From your list, I would go with McCormack. Or if tubes, BAT or CJ I bet would be great too.
Agree on Bryston 4BST...watch the treble depending on your tastes...otherwise tremdendous power.

Like CJ MF2500...but preferred the midrange magic of CJMV60s...wonder if you could stretch your budget and get 2 MV60s...monoblock for roughly 120 watts (dont think it doubles into lower impedance so i [think] monoblocking these gets you double the wattage.
i want an amp with a nice midrange body.
anny Musical Fidelity amp in this range.
I have yet to post the ad but....I'm selling a Belles 150A Reference for less than your price. Interested?
No one mention its own R1.5 ?
I have one driving my new BE20 - Sound so good that I bought 2nd one to use as monoblocks for the BE20 - and the 3rd one for my second system
BTW: I'm from tube world as I still own Cary 805C, Atma MA1. But these cannot drive the BE20

Used price is less than $1500 - built like a tank (89 lb)
I have the MF 3.2 and really like it with the Ushers. I think most of MF amps are within your budget.
I used to have the BE-718 mated with a Belles 150A Reference v2. Excellent match - precise, extended, dynamic with punchy bottom end, and smooth. Maybe not the best if you prefer a warmer, rosier sound (I've gone all tube). The Belles is pretty neutral, just a little on the warm side. McCormack DNA-1 is warmer and powerful as well and has very nice tone, but not precise enough for my taste in terms of imaging and soundstage. If I went back I would probably settle on one of the Bel Canto Ref amps. You can find a Ref500S for a couple hundred over your budget, or Ref150S for under $1k. I think the BE-718 would greatly benefit from the extra power though.
The Musical Fidelity M3i lists for $1500. I just bought one and I'm loving it.
I don't think Musical Fidelity is considered a warm sounding amp. At least this is my experience with their onlder gear. I have not heard their newer stuff.
The Usher amp does, in my opinion, have a very good sense of midrange warmth and does quite wel with the Usher 718 speakers.
Any of the amplifiers mentioned would work just fine with these speakers.
I used to have BE-718..but didn't really like the bass. At least 200wpc for the spkrs to perform the best...imho
Noticed there's a nice McCormack DNA-1 Rev A available now for $1400 that might pair nice with the be-718s. Best of luck.
How about Usher R- 1.5 Power Amp for
tube like presentation and good midrange
and Bass.
There's only one way to get a tube like presentation and that's with tubes. Some solid state amps, such as the Usher, are a but warmer in comparison to other solid state counterparts. The biggest difference in in harmonics where solid state cannot give you the same 'tone' as tubes.

The Usher amp is very smooth with excellent dynamic control. One of many good options.
The Redgum RGi120 enr on eBay right now would be a great piece if the auction stays in your budget. Best damn solid state I've heard.

Full disclosure: its mine.
I recently picked up a new Harman Kardon HK990 amp for $1,500, and I can't recommend it enough. It easily pushes my Mirage OMD-28s, and they have never sounded better. Instruments sound infinitely more real. Imaging is fantastic, sounds is warm but not too much. I listen to music a ton more than I used to, because of this amp.

The room correction software, and bass management are invaluable!
Odyssey Audio Khartago.
Deciding to go for Musical Fidelity M3i or M6i, is there any
major difference between sound quality of both amps, as M6i is
900$ more.

Any suggestions will be welcomed
That sounds like a great combo (I have my Ushers running offa MF 3.2 int amp and really like the results.

If it were my choice, I would pikc the M3i and save a few bucks. It will drive the Ushers fine.