Under $1000 each component used. What would it be ?

Table/arm/cartridge are three components, pair of interconnects or speaker cables are one component, speakers are two components, integrated amp is two components. Phono stage must be separate. Analog only. Some pieces may be difficult to find but list them as well. This is a down to earth range, a lot of people can afford it.
OK, I'll take a shot.  I am limiting to components with which I have had personal experience, a number of which I currently own, (including the Ayre, the Truth, all the cables, and the Shelter), or have previously owned.  I include both a full function preamp and a line / phono combination, but at this price range, I see no reason to go for a standalone phono option, particularly given the need for an additional IC - I think you are far better off getting a full function preamp.  Also, $1k for speaker cables / ICs seems disproportionately high in terms of the overall budget - spend less on the cables and more on the components.

Amp - Ayre V3-X
Preamp (Line and Phono, $2k) - CAT SL-1 Signature
Preamp (Line, $1k) - The Truth (Hornshoppe)
Preamp (Phono, $1k) - Pass Labs Aleph Ono
Speaker - Ariel 10t, Thiel CS 3.6, or Avalon Arcus
Interconnects / Speaker cables - KS Emotion (if short lengths), Silversmith Silver, Wireworld Gold Eclipse III or later (if longer) 
Turntable - Technics SP-10 Mk II
Tonearm - SME IV
Cartridge - Shelter 90X

Looks good. Are there respectable tube phono stages under $1k?
Here is something quite different.

Turntable - Nottingham Spacedeck
Tonearm - Nottingham Spacearm
Cartridge - Any MM of your choice except Grado, Ortofon, Shelter or Clearaudio.
Phono stage - AcousTech, designed by Ron Sutherland.
Integrated amp - Gryphon Tabu or Gryphon Callisto 100. I have not heard Gryphons but read enough. This would be my educated guess.
Speakers - Dynaudio Contour 3.
Cables and power cords - Purist Audio Dominus interconnect and power cords, Proteus speaker.
PS Audio Premier Regenerator for turntable and phono stage, maybe for Gryphon too but that I am not sure of.

Alternatively. Rowland Concentra I integrated and Vienna Beethoven speakers.