Undecided on Amp to drive Sonus Faber GPH package

I just placed an order on SF Grand Piano Home along with Solo and Walls. I am currently using a low level receiver and thinking of getting an amp to fully enjoy the coming babe. My music tatse is mostly classical and jazz, but also want to incorporate the home theatre into the decision making since I got the whole system. Budget is between 2k to 3k, either brand new or nearly new, dont mind if it's tube/ss/seperate/integrated as long as it's good. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
Any comments?
Just auditioned SF GPH driven by all Opera Audio Consonance electronics consisting of Cyber 300B PSE monoblocks, Reference 2.2 pre-amp and Reference Cd 2.2.

Detailed, delicate and fatigue free sound with a convincing soundstage and impressive musicality. But I would think serious AV levels are out with only 20 wpc.