unconventional stand solution for LS50 Wireless II? suggestions?

Hi All,
Can you please suggest some good stands and also let me know what you think of my idea? I will be placing these on hardwood and slightly uneven floors.

At the moment I'm considering a pair of wooden accent stools placed atop Auralex Sub Dude's, and on the top of the stool I'll place an Iso Acoustics ISO-155
I'm finding the high end stuff like Sound Anchors is beyond my budget with the cheaper solutions likely not capable of ensuring proper bass response with these speakers. 

Stools will be fine. More important is the height is exactly right for your seats. You can always cut the length if needed. 
the ISO platforms have vertical tilt adjustment, I forgot to mention that in addition to considering stools I may go with small end table/night stand tables
if someone has a killer normal speaker stand recommendation in the $500 range I would be very interested

at the moment I feel (guessing?) my idea would address the slightly uneven floor using the subdude, provide good isolation from top to bottom, and look a little nicer in the living room (will be flanking fireplace) than most of the heavy duty black steel stands out there

terra-cotta Flue pipes, i.e. chimney liners make excellent speaker stands. just find one that's similar in size you need, slightly shorter to accommodate a wood top plate and bottom plate. the wood blocks/plates on each end with a threaded rod through to hold them together (countersunk the top plate so the threaded rod and nut are below the surface). you can fill the inside with your choice of filler i.e. sand etc. add some adjustable feet under the bottom wood bass and there you go very solid, heavy stand on the cheep. looks good to if you like the terra-cotta look or paint as desired. 
Sanus makes very solid and affordable stands but I have Pangea heavy stands on my LS-50s, still affordable.
thanks for the feedbackended up going with the KEF S2's (received a slight sale price) with the ISO's
certainly  not Anchor Stands quality but these are going in the living room and needed something that looked half way decent
if anybody is interested in how this turns out pm me in a few months