Unconventional speaker setups

Recently, I got a REL T/5i sub to mate with the Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution monitors.  My room is pretty challenging at 9' wide x 10' long with 9' ceilings.  I have bass traps, ceiling panels, and panels on the side walls.  The back behind the listening positioning is about 3' tall, above with it opens up to the rest of my house.  Due to the size off the room I sit with my back right up against this wall.  When I first got the Evolutions a few years ago (!) I just quickly set them up without thinking about it too much because I thought I would get a sub pretty quickly and then I would spend some serious time setting everything up.  Fast forward 2 years and I finally got the sub!  Out came my SPL meter which showed that I had a pretty bad null at 630hz and between 80-250hz.  At these frequencies I was down -4 to -10db.  Initially, I tried positioning the speakers in what I thought were all the logical locations, away from front wall, away from side walls, toe in, etc.  The best I could do was am equilateral set up with the speakers toed in pointing at my shoulders.  However, this still gave me some dips of at least -4db at 800, 630, and 315hz, though my bass response from 63hz and below was good.  I listened to my system in this configuration for a week and did not like what I heard at all.  The was just thin and a bit harsh.  In fact, I could not listen for than 1 hour before my ears actually started hurting.  

So back to the drawing board.  Again I tried all sorts of things with speaker placement. I moved them right up against the front wall, no toe in, massive toe in, toed out, decreased rake, with seating position well into the room, etc.  Things got better but now I had a massive hump at 400, 63, 50, 40hz and a big dip at 630 and 315hz.  Fast forward past some cursing and temper tantrums and I finally found a set up that at least to me sounds very very good.  I am giving up a bit of top end and my speakers do not disappear as well as they did before especially during extreme balance (Left and Right) sections.  However, I happy to compromise to get the wonderfully organic sound I am getting now with tight, punchy mid bass and bass.  My final configuration only has a single -4db dip at 200hz and a +4db hump at 40hz but everywhere else from 1000hz down to 25hz I am +-2db.  Still not perfect but in my case with my room, I am more than happy.

What I ended up with is my speakers in an equilateral triangle, 6.5' apart, 3.5' from the front wall and pointing straight ahead.  Here is the part that really surprised me, my speakers are only 1.2' from the side walls.  I was also surprised that these speakers actually seemed to work better with no toe in.  In fact, the more toe in I tried the worse the dip at 800 and 630hz got.  Maybe this is obvious to some people, at least to me it was surprising. In the future I may consider room correction but for now I am pretty satisfied.  It really goes to show that every room and set up is different and time spent dialing in speaker positioning is definitely worth it.  

Any way, curious to hear if other people have odd (to them at least) speaker set ups.  
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For my room, placement options are limited- it is a living space and not a sound room. So, I put my speakers in a very non traditional placement (actually, in the middle of two connected rooms). 
Sound and imaging is not bad. Could it be better? Sure, but I like it fine.
If you have found a placement for your speakers that you like, why worry about it. A SPL meter is a machine, your ears are not. They don't react in linear terms, so I wouldn't get too caught up with a drop in db levels unless you feel it compromises the music. Just enjoy what you've got- like the guy in your avatar.
I endup putting dynaucio c1 on cerwin vega ve12 speakers,for me it sounds better than using stands 4 .I don't know why.May be ve-12 works like passive radiator who knows
Hi tboooe - I think that is among the more helpful postings I've read around here.  Appreciate you taking the time to write up your experience.  Glad you found something that sounds good to you.  I've heard SF Guarneri driven by some ARC gear and they sounded VERY good to me (even without a sub!).  Definitely trust your ears and don't agonize at all about the distance to the side wall!

I don't have anything comparable to share other than discovering that, to my ear, Totem Forests benefit from being closer together (i.e., inside 6 feet) rather than further apart.  Bass performance and clarity "locked in" when distance between them was reduced.  

Wishing you much listening pleasure.
Great thread.   My system is located in the corner of the living room which has an arc'd alcove with faux bay windows.   The side walls change after a few feet into other rooms.  There is no back wall.   It took forever of moving the speakers a few inches here_ there_toe-in_toe-out, 5°, 10°, 45°,  etc.    After countless adjustments, one particular time, my ears  went 'oh'.  The soundstage seemed to snap into place.  Same as yours, my speakers are basically pointing straight ahead.  Unfortunately, being in a corner, the stage is mostly between the speakers, but everything else sounds pretty good.
Thanks for the input guys!  Its great to hear about others who have challenging room/domestic limitations and what had to be done to address them.  One day I will have a dedicated music room and wont have to go through all these crazy gyrations to get good sound!  Until that day comes I will continue tweaking bit by bit.
tboooe, isn't that the fun part of this hobby?
In my opinion, even if you do get a dedicated music room, you'll still be tweaking!
tboooe, isn't that the fun part of this hobby?
In my opinion, even if you do get a dedicated music room, you'll still be tweaking!
Good point!  Frankly I think I like tweaking and buying gear more than I actually like listening to music!
Ahh, finally a thread where everyone agrees...