uncompressed RVG

Recently I have heard varying reports of R. Van Gelder's reissues - that some are highly compressed and some are not. Anyone know how to distinguish before purchasing or, more importantly, a list of the RVG's that you own and can attest are not compressed.
the rvg's are all over the place, but on the class curve, i haven't heard any one would call 'bad'.
I own many RVG remasters and while some, IMHO, are better than others I don't have the same criticisms that others seem to have.
My impression - which may differ from other folk's - is that they more recent the remaster the better the sound quality. It seems that on some of the earlier ones they weren't paying much attention. I have a couple that are very good. Tina Brooks' True Blue; Art Taylor's AT's Delight; Donald Byrd's Byrd in the Hand and Catwalk all come to mind.
Are we talking about digital, vinyl or both?
i'm talking about the cd's
CDs only