Uncoloured Speaker for $450

I need to a good temp speaker to use until my Martin Logan Ascents arrive. What do you recommend thats a decent monitor that is fairly flat and doesn't have large amounts of resonance at any given frequency?
Try Magenpan MMGs, they're only $500 if you can get them. Unfortualtey the wait maybe as long as for the Martin Logans. You could also try contacting the Magnepan factory to get second hand ones. Andy
I recently purchased the Castle Acoustics Isis speakers. They are now discontinued, but I was able to locate a pair (in cherry wood) through their US distributor based in Niagra Falls. Reviews are available at audioreview.com as well as a review at audioshopper.com by Rome Castelanes. They require a substantial break in of at least 50 hours, but the wait is well rewarded. Before break in is completed they are not pleasant. The sound in my 12" x 22" living room (they fire the length of the room) is very musical and the speakers are forgotten after the first song or so is played, I just find myself listening to the music. They are powered by a Musical Fidelity X-A1. I listen to "all" types of music with the exception of rap and heavy metal. The speakers can be placed very close to the the back wall, (6" to 10") still sounds fine, which is a definate advantage if they are eventualy moved to a bedroom or office. Placing them further out (not farther than 18") will increase the soundstage, but I prefer them closer in this room. When you receive your main speakers you will end up with great little set of second speakers. If you listen to classical you may want to keep them with your main system for smaller works. I have auditioned everything available in the Los Angeles area at a $1000.00 and under and am very pleased with this choice. I purchased them for $345.00 shipped (they have a blemish on one cabinet). The retail was $550.00 - $650.00 dependant on finish. They are also set up for bi/amping which I have not tried. If you would like the tel. no. of the disributor feel free to email.
There's a a very readable, useful survey of several small speakers in the latest Listener. The Krix Equinox list for $599 and the authors sure had lot of good things to say about them. (The favorite was the JM Reynaud, but they are pricier and probably less available.)
I have a pair of PE Leon Primas that are outstanding minimonitors. You can find them here on audiogon through one of the Canadian merchants for about $500. You will not be dissappointed! Good Luck!
I really like my Spica TC-60's. There is a pair for sale on Audiogon for $600 including stands. I believe Jeff's Sound Values has a pair of TC-50's in your price range. Not the end all in resolution but very musical imho. Good luck, Paul
If price is the main issue, and not monitor vs. a larger speaker, I strongly suggest you consider buying a used pair of Vandersteen 1B (or maybe it's now the 1C model). On the used market they can purchased for under $500, and you won't find anything that comes close at that price.
As a follow-up to my previous post, I just saw that there is a Vandersteen 1-C that was just listed for sale here on Audiogon - the seller is asking $450. Go for it........
dont waste your money, just waiT till the ML's arrive. I have recently sold a pair of ML CLSIIz to upgrade to the Sound Lab A-3's. I liked the ML's very much. I have been into electrostatics since i owned the KLH-9's from the late '60's. I think the ML CLS's are the best sounding electostatics for the money when spending approx 4k.That's my opinion.