unbiased opinion of Moon monoblocs

G'day all. Looking at a pair if Simaudio moon monoblocs.

Anybody out there have experience with these amps and this manufacturer. Or what is comparable in solid state @ 300 w/c for the same $$$$$$$.

I am brand new to this forum/website and the same question has probably been asked a million times so apologies in advance.
Welcome.We specialize in opinions here.But not the unbiased kind.You wont find those above the age of 2,maybe 3.After that we all have an agenda.Where the hell are you from son?Moon amps?Their great!They suck!Get em.Dont get em.Welcome.We need fresh blood almost weekly here right Sean?Cheers,Bob
Intersting response Usblues...

Sim makes great amps. The monos are pricey, but you often get what you pay for. If you like the way they sound, get them. There will always be something different, and the desire to find something "better," but there's no reason not to go with Sim if you like them.

If you ask this crowd what is "better," some will say nothing, and others will mention any amp under the sun.
The only opinion that matters is yours.

Listen to the Sim amps. If you like their sound, and if you are satisfied with the Sim Audio's service and longevity, then buy them.
Everything is relative. To get a meaningful answer to your question, assuming one is available, you must reveal a bit of your audiophile soul.
1) What speakers will you be using?
2) How loud will you be listening. What is important to you about the 300wt requirement. Not many amps in that range and the db potental difference between 100wt and 1000wts usually becomes academic in real listening experience, costs a lot of money, and causes you to ignore some fine sounding amps that might otherwise work for you.
3) What kind of music will you be listening to.
4) What aspect of sound presentation is important to you.

That would give folks at least a starting place. Otherwise, you will have to settle for Usblues and Goatwuss' response. 'Better' and 'Best' requests usually get worthless responses in considerable volume. :-)
You were a big help Newbee unlike G and I....thanks for the illumination.Especially never hearing them.Amazing,how did you do that?Our answers had nothing to do with his question which was second to his real reason of coming over for a hello.We were just saying hello tongue in cheek as life here is a little too lifeless lately.Would you rather have a smile or information?The one is universally accepted everywhere.The other is as relative as your post....cheers,Bob
"Thanks for the illumination" But, it was not you that I was trying to illuminate. I thought your bulb was already operating at full output. :-)

Maybe I'm humorless, or just a dim bulb, but I failed to see his 'real reason' for posting as anything but what he presented. Hell for all I know he was just trying to sell these amps, but I didn't assume that either. And, BTW, FWIW, IMHO as always, I love humor, subtle or otherwise, that doesn't come at the expense of the unaware.
Touche' my friend....