Yamaha really made this statement:

Glossy black piano finish provides improved signal-to-noise performance



I thought I would seek opportunity to hear these speakers, but now I do not think so






Dare I mention Ted Denney invented some UEF sound control paint? Rather than being made by Synergistic the technology is to be sold under license. Just sayin'....
I have listened to the NS-5000 speakers via the Mx-5200 series amps and the GT-5000 tt. The sound is impressive.
I haven’t listened to the Sony AR series yet but I will listen to any speaker/ system to expand my experience and knowledge.
I read little into the brochure fluff and with great scepticism the specifications. 🇦🇺
Unbelievable that one would write off a entire line of products from company based on some marketing. I take it no other products you own are guilty of what Yamaha has done?
The NS 5000 are some of the best speakers I have heard up to $60K. The speakers that were even more expensive just played better in really large rooms. The NS 5000 is well worth a listen. If you are in the USA you can get a 2 month home trial from the online vendors who sell at MSRP.

Yamaha has left Beryllium behind (from the 1970’S NS 1000) for their drivers and are now onto some new material. Sounds better than Be drivers to me.

There is also a new NS 3000 monitor and the much bigger NS 5000 "bookshelf" for shelves made of steel. I expect a NS 4000 to be introduced soon.
Interesting marketing claim. 
Yamaha is an exceptional engineering and manufacturing organization with a long history related to musical instruments and audio equipment. 
It may be worth a listen....