Unbelievable Solid State Amp at 2-3k ran

Once again, like others, I am in the quest of something that will stop the jitters of potential better, more slamming sound than what I presently own. I have had a Nak PA-7, which sounded great but ran out of steam when driving my Gershman X-1 and Sw-1 subwoofer combo. Currently I own a Sonic Frontiers Power 2, which by the way, does not seem to suffer much noticable clipping as the Nak, at 110 watts per channel tube. Is there an amp out there that will add great, slamming bass with ABS control on it and yet sound ridiculously neutral, but not frigid at the range of 2-3k used or new? Maybe I should continue to stick to what I have, but I cannot help, but to wonder. I was wondering about those old Pass Aleph 2 monos. Do they provide current, or are they simply underpowered for what I want?


PS: Preamp, SFL-2, CDP=Panasonic DVD transport, Bel Canto DAC-1 processor, MR 78 Mcintosh tuner.
Get a usedl MLevinson 331 or 332. I have tried the 331 driving large Nautilus to incredibel levels. The key thing is the amplifiers' current capability, don't trust manufacurers' power ratings.
Try a Van Alstine Fet/Valve 350hc or 550hc. The bass on those is really tight, no overhang. Its really clean down low, you can hear the texture in the bass. www.avahifi.com They have a return if it doesn't work for you.
The Pass 2 is a great amp, but I think it seems a little less powerful than the average 100 watt amp. I have some 150 watt tube amps that are much more powerful than the 100 watt monos, other than that the Pass amps are awesome in the 2-3k range. If you like tubes, you will probably like the Aleph 2s.
I agree Levinson 331 or 332 will blow your mind and also be in your system for many many years to come you will not feel the need to upgrade that amp. good luck
check out the new bel canto evo 200.4 and run it in dual mono.
Check out the BAT VK500 with the optional BAT/PAK (go to www.balanced.com). It will drive any speaker with ease. It has very solid bass and is very neutral sounding. The Pass is a great amp, but it doesn't have the headroom of the BAT. Good luck.
i just listened to a GamuT D 200 amplifier today and i was very impressed. this amp lists for $5500 but i saw someone offering a demo on Audiogon at approx. $3300. i have not had the chance to listen to this amp for a long period of time and certainly not in my system but i must say it sounded particularly smooth. and yes this amp got a rave review in the year end awards issue of The Absolute Sound, if that means anything. website for spec info is www.ampspeaker.com

MARK LEVINSON= liquid midrange solid bass and sweet and natural sound. Vocals are astounding as is everything you play through it
belcanto or gamut
Conrad Johnson MF-2300A (240 wpc). Check their website for details. Spearit Sound has a demo for around 2K.
If you can find one, I recommend a Reference Line Silver Signature. Built like a tank, class A operation all the way to clipping into 3 ohms, and nice looking. They have about 36 DB worth of gain though so your pre-amp matching becomes more of an issue than normal. Very rare as only about 100 of them were made. Reference Line is still in business (in fact I'm having one of mine upgraded)so have no fear. Will be close to $3000 used but the best solid state amp I've run across. Good luck!
You should give a Plinius SA100 MKlll a listen. In the right system it can be great.
While a used one may be a little above your 3k price range I would also recommend the GamuT D200. I have owned mine for 3 months and am very impressed. If you can stretch a bit this would be an excellent choice.
Why hasn't anyone mentioned the Ayre V3? Super bass, fantastic midrange, sparkling highs, very reasonable used price < $2000. For $400, you can upgrade any Ayre V3 that doesn't have it to the Ayre Conditioner for improved power filtering. The V3 is rated at 100w, but it puts out BIG sound. It's a great, sweet amp.
I have a Classe CA-200 which sounds great for the price. If I was in your range, I'd get a used Mark Levinson 332.
Used Bryston 7B's(500 watt monoblocks)..Much better bass than the ML333 and horribly revealing---better have great upstream components
Check out the bat vk200, very musically and great bass control. 100watts but I would say its closer to 200. Can be had for 1600-1800 used. Never listened to the bak vk500 w/bat pack, but it does have more power, seen them used around 2400-2800. Both are solid built. good luck pete
Hey Audioguy123, what is horribly revealing and why would someone want this? Unless their system was horribly dead to start with. I've heard of ruthlessly revealing, is horribly revealing even more revealing?
Ruthlessly revealing would be a much better word...