I have just bought an Electraglide Fatman 2000 Gold. It is standard terminated with a 20 amp US wallplug. As I live in Norway, we operate on 240 volt. I have tried to find a receptable with the same pin configuration as the US 20 amp receptable which handles 240V with no luck. So I turned to Scott Hall from Electraglide for help. First he suggested that I use a standard 20 amp 120V US wall receptable. I called a local electrician to have him install it. He wouldn`t do it because it was only rated 120V and he also told me that me home insurance will not cover damages if I used this receptable. I checked this out and it turned out to be correct. I turned to Scott Hall again, told him what my electrician had said and asked him if he knew any receptables which would do or if he could reterminate the cord. The answer I got from him was this:

"Just put the Damn 20 amp us receptacle in!!!!!!!!How much more blunt can I be do it yourself!!!!!!Scott"

This means I probably will not be able to use the Fatman cord I bought. I think companies selling products at this pricelevel which provides such lousy service not to deserve to be in business. Therefor I want to warn you about Electraglide and also encourage you to stay away from them as I will.
While the response you provided from Electra Glide certainly isn't the best I have seen from an audio component manufacturer, I don't think the problem is theirs to solve. Unless you bought the PC from a dealer who said it would work in your application, I think the person who needs to accept responsibility is you. Before I put down the money for a component manufactured in Norway and designed for 240V, I would make sure I could use it in the US.
You have gotten a couple of things wrong. I don`t intend on using my component in the US. I will be using it in Norway. I do agree with you concerning the fact that I should make sure wether the component will work in my country or not. However Scott Hall has prior to the purchase told me that he has sold several cords in my part of the world. I therefor assumed that Electraglides cord could be used here as well. This is however not the point I am trying to make. My point is that their way of handling customer service is unacceptable. Also if he think the problem is mine to solve, why don`t he say so. Instead he is trying to make me do something which is against regulations in my country.
Rhagen: U.S. washers and dryers (and some air conditioners) used to be commonly placed on 220 volt lines and I assume that the wall outlets would have been rated for such (not 110). Does anyone know if this is the case? Maybe 220 volts would be close enough for code.
Regardless of who is at "fault" here, there was no call for him to be rude. These types of issues must come up from time to time to a company that sells internationally. If I had made a similar response to a customer at my job, my head would be on a platter. Not to mention the possibility of danger to you and your family if you mess around with the electrical code. These guys need to refund your money and I'd make a stink so bad, they'd airmail express me my check just to keep my mouth shut. Best of luck.
Okay everyone.
Thanks for your support.
I just got a call from the dealer I bought the cord from.
Scott Hall is now willing to reterminate the cord with the plug which is required in my country. I thank Scott Hall and hope that we have both learned from this. If I enjoy his cord as much as I think I will, I will still consider his products in the future.
Good go.
perhaps in the future you will first check to see if you can use a company's product before you buy it and later smear their name on the internet when you can't. I think this an issue between the you and the dealer you bought it from, he should have known, you should have asked but it seemed that in your trying to save money and the dealer's trying to make money you both overlooked an important aspect of owning a powercord (plugging it in). I however do agree that the man in question should not being treating his customers this way. However I'm pretty sure it was not him who shipped you a cord you can not use but all is well now you've shamed him into fixing your problem. Lastly I saw your concern w/ the cord and insurance problems. In the U.S. we have a standard also but many aftermarket cords for one reason or another do not meet it, you may want to check w/ someone and see if the cord is approved by your country's standards so that you will not run into any problems in the unfortunate event that you need to file a claim, mike
Roy, I have been posted in other forums that: The comment was taken out of context!We meant it as a frustration relief in a joking manner sorry you took it wrong.All you had do is call us direct and not a third party and ask us to re-terminate your 3rd party cord.It would of been that simple.I still hate Shukco plugs,It may hurt the sound it may not.I guess we will see!?
Now on to other things:Since you were so shook up I am offering 25% off your Gengis Khans terminated with shukos.......Hope this calms you down a little..Thank-you Scott @ www.electraglideaudio.com

Love your Fatman power cords are on my Joule amps. I can only imagine how good your new Khans would be.

Folks Scott Hall is one of the people who started the power cord craze. His products are wonderful.


"UNBELEIVABLY BAD" should be reserved for something that is VERY VERY VERY VERY bad, sort of like I have been shot with an uszi machinegun something like 37 times and am giving you my last confession vs "NOT HAPPY":I have a hangnail and the evil doctor will not see me 'till tomorrow...
What I am saying is the cord was not working, the conflict between the electrician (who was wise to refuse) and the dealer (who was probably stating what other customers had done) Later, the customer service person became angry: Did this cause your heart to stop? your family to leave you? That one went out and in frustration killed six with the car and now your waiting for court to begin? I am just unhappy to see such extreme words in a banner then to be so disappointed by the tiny problem.
Yes,me to on liz's comments. Not to mention we weren't privy to the entire dialog exchanged.Seems ,you didn't do your homework before the purchase; then take out your frustration on the wrong party. When assigning responsibility; look to yourself 1st / the dealer 2nd. In these cases you get more flys with honey. Don't know Scott;don't have any of their cords, but don't think they are worthy of the derogatory title/ banter. I think an apology might be helpful.
I have already written both to this forum and to Scott that I acknowledge the fact that I should have checked whether Electraglides cord was compatible or not before purchasing.

However I do not intend to appologize. I didn`t give our dialog word for word, but I gave you a short version. I don`t think I left out anything significant here. The fact that the cord was not bought factory-direct from Electraglide doesn`t change anything in my opinion.

In the e-mail I sent Electraglide before I got the reply quoted above, I asked them if they knew a receptable which would do or if they would reterminate the cord.

Scott and I have come to an agreement now, therefor I will not keep on discussing this with you. It will only open up the can of worms all over again.
Agreed. Time to end this thread, all is well that ends well.
I am glad all parties are satisfied. Btw, I am just curious ....is any of the Electraglide power cords have a UL (united laboratory) stamp on them? Does any of the power cords in the market have been UL certified?
The Absolute Power Cord is UL Listed.