unbalanced xlr input (a24) to mytek balanced output

Does the 6db increase exist in this situation, unbalanced xlr input (a24) to mytek balanced output.  I have searched for the answer and called Parasound and they are finding a tech to call me back but then I thought this would be faster.

Are you sure you meant A24? I can’t find any reference to a Parasound A24 among both current and discontinued products that are listed at their website, or via a Google search.

Also, if you meant A23 (or various other Parasound amplifier models), as far as I can tell its XLR inputs are balanced, not unbalanced as you indicated above.

Finally, what model is the Mytek?

-- Al
Let me try again A21. Thats pretty funny. I have the Brooklyn DAC. Adding a couple Sub woofers and need both the XLRs for the A21 and the RCAs for the Subs. I have been messing around with some single drivers and I like them so I figured if I get some good subs I can get all kinds of different drivers. Just curious because the A21 is not an actual balanced input is that 6db increase that usually exists between a true XLR to XLR in this case.
maybe Im getting a true  balanced differential and common XLRs mixed up. Im a little lost. If it is not a balanced differential wouldnt it just be XLRs (really RCAs) connected instead of RCAs?