unbalanced xlr input (a24) to mytek balanced output

Does the 6db increase exist in this situation, unbalanced xlr input (a24) to mytek balanced output.  I have searched for the answer and called Parasound and they are finding a tech to call me back but then I thought this would be faster.


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Sometimes an XLR input is actually not differential, but there for convenience. The A23 is an example. The (-) pin on the XLR input is grounded.

In the A21 however the (+) and (-) pins are not grounded, each has a 33k impedance to ground and the difference between them is used to determine the output.
In the case of the A21 yes, it has true differential XLR inputs. The A23 does not.

However, it’s a trivial thing to adjust for this gain with a sub. The A21 and a sub both have gain adjustments.