unbalanced xlr input (a24) to mytek balanced output

Does the 6db increase exist in this situation, unbalanced xlr input (a24) to mytek balanced output.  I have searched for the answer and called Parasound and they are finding a tech to call me back but then I thought this would be faster.


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Let me try again A21. Thats pretty funny. I have the Brooklyn DAC. Adding a couple Sub woofers and need both the XLRs for the A21 and the RCAs for the Subs. I have been messing around with some single drivers and I like them so I figured if I get some good subs I can get all kinds of different drivers. Just curious because the A21 is not an actual balanced input is that 6db increase that usually exists between a true XLR to XLR in this case.
maybe Im getting a true  balanced differential and common XLRs mixed up. Im a little lost. If it is not a balanced differential wouldnt it just be XLRs (really RCAs) connected instead of RCAs?
Thanks a lot for the responses. So what I gather is they are in fact true balanced connections, the signal path however is not a "true-balanced" signal path completely like hasmartos Bat42se. I gather there are very nice benefits to use XLR regardless whether they are balanced from beginning to end or not. Impedance being an obvious one. So much to learn so little time