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AES cable for sub

Has anyone used AES cable for a sub.  How did it sound?

integrated amp with a strong phono stage/preamplifier

I'm downsizing and looking for an integrated amplifier with a strong phono stage. I've read good ...

Ayon S-10 or L509x

Any insight on actual use and sound of the Ayon S-10. I was looking for a tube pre and streaming ...

A beautiful 45LP - Yuko Mabuchi Trio

I can't remember where I heard of her - maybe Stereophile? Maybe Acousticsounds? Anyway, I recent...

Voce Audio V1

  I just saw a pair of Voce Audio V1 speakers at a client of mine house that were sitting in his ...

Totaldac dac as a dac + preamp

I was thinking of purchasing this after I buy my power amplifier. Would it be a good match with a...

Kingko KA-101 Integrated Tube Amplifier

Has anyone tried the Kingko KA-101 amplifier? EL84 based integrated with 2 12au7’s, 1 12ax7 and a...

Rega Aria or Graham Slee Reflex M if sticking with MM Cartridge?

A used Aria is similarly priced to a new Graham Slee Reflex M - so if I'm going to stick with a M...

Elipson turntable opinions?

No opinions listed here so I'll ask.  Any opinions on Elipson turntables?  Looking at either an A...

best to use overall

hi can you please tell me i will be using a denon 4400 with a emotiva xp...