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Opinion about Jeff Rowland 125 stereo amp

Anyone who knows and listened this amplifier could tell about?

Phono Pre Amp desision Manley to ARC Ref 3

 I am considering upgrading my Manley Chinock to an ARC Ref 3..... there is a significant price d...

Eat E flat reference turntable with Ortofon black cadenza cart.

Any opinions on this turntable cart combination. It has a very unusual flat tone arm. It’s attrac...

Bruce Moore Dual Seventy or Quicksilver Silver mono KT88 (90watt)

Which do you prefer between the two?Thanks.

Analogue sounding, Audionet SAM G2 or Perreaux Eloquence 250i

Looking to pair SS amplifier with Harbeth C7es3, currently using 20watts tube integrate, as menti...

Hegel H360 HT analogue input

HelloI have a H360 Hegel.I realized that the analog input of the HT can be switched over to stand...

McIntosh looking for recommendations

I’m relatively new to higher end audio and would like some recommendations from fellow McIntosh o...

Plinius M14 vs Sutherland Insight

Any thoughts on the Plinius M14 phono stage compared to the Sutherland Insight (with/without rece...

Brook 12A & 12A3

I have acquired a brook 12a and 12a3. I am debating on selling it on eBay or another place as is ...

McIntosh MCD 600, 550 & 500

Considering an MCD. Would like to have your thoughts on any or all of them. One dealer said, some...