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Rogue Pharoah or Vincent 237MK2 Integrated?

Who has experience with one or both of these? I’m certainly reading good things and am aware of t...

Jantzen Superior-z vs claritycap CMR

anyone compared or used them?i would know their sound qualitythank you

Tonearms for the ClearAudio Performance DC?

Greetings all, What tonearms, OTHER THAN those made by ClearAudio, work with the CA Performance D...

Ayon Audio S-5 and the I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RAS2T Music Server/Audio File Transport

Has anybody tested whether the Ethernet output on the I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RAS2T Music Server/...

LSA-10 signature/statement

Has anyone heard these speakers and preferred them over mid/high end bookshelf offerings from Dyn...

Matt Walsh Acoustic Quartet

A good friend of mine referred me to this band. Wow!!!!I’m listening to two albums by them — ‘Und...