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Best value RCA to XLR?

I have a McIntosh MHT200 running my Focal Arias, Rosebud 2s & I want to upgrade my monitors w...

Bluetooth problem on Teac NT-505

Hi, I have a Teac NT-505. When I use it in bluetooth mode with my Sony Xperia XZ2 smartphone, s...

How to fix a Bogdan Spirit cable after the piezoelectric powder started leaking?

Never mind lads, figured out the issue, everything is a-ok now.

Harmonic Technology Recta series ,any experience with these?

Anybody auditioned these or have them currently?I used to have their ics and speaker cables (Trut...

JLTI or Tavish Phono Stage

Hey fellow 'gonersI've currently got an Allnic h1200 phono stage, but have been bitten by the upg...

Proceed AVP just stopped working-fuse is fine-PLEASE HELP!

I just picked up the preamp and absolutely love it! But last night I turned it on and I thought I...

Do we need to prepare to change the polarity of our speaker cables?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51usJ74pPP8Just some tongue in cheek humor for you........sort of!

iTunes Replacement & CD Ripping

Anyone know whether iTunes replacement music app will allow lossless ripping?

Tom Null dead

Have not been able to confirm online but a Santa Cruz based record dealer was approached via emai...

Mono vs. mono vs. everything else

As a luxury, my speakers are on spikes/disc with felt pads underneath all on the nice hardwood fl...