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i bought a dodcool dac from china?

 the dodocool dac cost $50 u.s dollars.i have never owned a dac before not sure what a good dac s...

Monoprice Monolith speaker cable item #33840

Curious if anybody has experimented with building cables from this yet? Believe it's a new item f...

Redpoint TT

Anyone here still have a Redpoint TT? I was wondering what you have done to correct the speed dri...

What is the difference between a FM Broadcast Receiver and a FM Broadcast Decoder?

I have been asked to implement a FM Broadcast Receiver. I am looking for a block diagram to start...

ProAc K3

Greetings,Has anyone had a chance to listen to the new ProAc K3 ? Specifically against the ProAc ...

Very good resorce for sound absobtion class ratings

Came across this wikki page about class ratings for sound transmission through walls etc. https:/...

Technics RCA mod, which type of wire?

Hi, the interconnect on one of my Technics 1200s was recently damaged and needs replacement. Curr...

ESS makes Headphones

ESS is putting AMTs into their sealed headphones. I will be reporting on the sound here shortly.

Jolida/Black Ice Glass FX Tube DAC DSD

Looking at this unit and was advised by company that it does not have an asynchronous Burr Brown ...

Help Pinnacle Rhino sub died

I have a Pinnacle Rhino sub about 2 1/2 years old used only at low volume for music. One day it s...