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Seperate power amp.

Right now I am running a Yamaha avantage  2050 with Martin Logan esl, 2 dynamo 700, motion 8 and ...

WTB: EAD PM2000 or PM8300

Looking for either one...and if I can find a PM8300, I'll have a silver PM2000 to sell...

Prima Luna new EVO range Does anyone have a Prima Luna 200 or 300

Would love to know your opinions re difference what you think of the Evo 200 and 300 and if the E...

Casey Abrams new release, Jazz

Just got through listening to Jazz by Casey Abrams...pretty disappointed...anybody feel the same?

regarding the Mober bearing for Linn LP12

Mober bearing is an alternative to Linn's Cirkus and is a ball bearing assembly.  My intuition so...

PreAmp Amp combo

I'm thinking of purchasing a Pass Labs XA 25 amp and pairing it with the Parasound Halo P6 pre-am...

B&K Ref 5/50 Question

Does anyone know the specific type of volume control these two pre/pros have?Googled already, but...

Roon connectivity

I've been running Roon core 24/7 downstairs on a Mac Mini that sent files via ethernet to an Ayre...

Esoteric K-03x vs K-03

I am the happy owner of an Esoteric K-03. I have been contemplating the K-03x as a replacement. H...

tube tester service

Does anyone out there know an individual or shop in the southern California area that can service...