Unable to hear movie on the nad t533


I own the NAD C320BEE pre-amplifier with the NAD T533 DVD player. The problem I am experiencing at this moment is when I insert a DVD in the player and hit play the movies shows and I hear the music and so on but I do not hear the actors speaking. The movie image plays fine and I hear clearly the previews and when the movie starts then i hear only the music and the background noise but I do not hear the actors speaking.
Does anyone know how i can correct this problem?

Yo Alexis,
First on the back of the DVD player verify that you have the Left and Right audio outputs connected to the pair of jacks next to the video connector...not the 5.1 jacks that are toward the middle of the back panel.
Then insert a DVD and hit play. Power up the pre-amp and amp.
The DVD main menu sometimes requires that you set up the audio mode (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, or 2.1) and if so, you want to select the 2.1 setting.
Other DVD's let you use the "AUDIO" button on the remote to step through the settings. Normally, the previews are all in 2.1 stereo and you are not going to have to select that mode. But once the movie starts, then you will have to select the 2.1 stereo mode in order to get the dialog. I hope that this helps...

The NAD C320BEE is a 2 channel integrated amplifier. You need to set up your DVD player (via on screen menus) to play in 2 channel stereo and not 5/6/7 channel surround. On my SONY DVD player there is a menu selection to define the number of speakers ... you would select 2 (FR & FL). My guess is that the NAD has something similar. Dialog is normally routed to the center channel, so the DVD player must be instructed to distribute that center channel sound across your front L & R channels. The NAD C320BEE makes for a nice 2 channel HT system.

Regards, Rich
Your NAD has DD processor bulit in. If you are using Front L/R outputs then follow Rar1's advice. There is also the possibility that you are using the Rear L/R outputs. That won't work. Either way you need to set up the DVD player via the onscreen display.

Good luck!