Ultrasonic: should I do it?

Group,I'm seriously considering an Audio Desk Systeme or Degritter, but before I pull the trigger and spend some serious money, I wanted to get some feedback from you folks.
I don't doubt ultrasonic is a big step forward, but I guess I'm wondering how big a step; I currently use a Record Doctor V/Spin Clean to take care of my vinyl, and yes, either of the above options will be a leap ahead. But I'm also considering a Pro-Ject VC-E, and my question is would the Pro-Ject be enough of an improvement to save me some money.
I've also heard about reliability issues with the Audio Desk, and the Degritter is new. Does anyone have any feedback on the reliability of either unit?
As for DYI ultrasonic, I don't have the space in my home for one of those. I'd seriously look at Kirmuss, but I don't have the stamina, with hundreds of records, for his multi-step system.
Thanks in advance for your input.
You're obviously dedicated to record play.

Stop thinking, and do it. Unquestionably worth it. I would go AD. Doesn't get much better, clean and dried, ready to go in a reasonable time.

Look where we are at now....life is too short and weird to not indulge in a few things.

I don't have UL yet, but I will go AD eventually.
I've tried the AD numerous times, it's the real deal. The other are likely fine, those without drying....forget it. I want a machine that operates like a toaster-drop a slice in, wait a little...done.

The Audio Desk is a high cost convenience. (I actually own one). And when it breaks down, a high cost repair.
Check this out.. www.vibratollc.com
I actually own one.

I get a kick out of people who recommend products with no actual experience with them.

I bought the Degritter about a year ago. I'm not looking back. It's easy to use and has done a very nice job cleaning my vinyl. In addition to new units they sometimes have B-stock available for a discount off MSRP which is what I bought.
Folks,Thank you all for your advice; I decided to go with the Audio Desk Pro - got a demo unit at a great price.
Another Degritter here, I tried an Audiodesk but was expecting too much at the time as it didn’t clean one of my test records down to 17D3 depth, my cartridge at the time and having a particularly fine microridge stylus and then read I about the  difficulty of repairing it when the pump or fan went. I’ve no actual knowledge if the Degritter is better in this respect but it won’t be worse. I still keep a VPI16.5 for use with an enzyme cleaner for those discs that are too much for US alone (mould spots for example).