Ultrasonic record cleaning?

I am curious to know if this approach to record cleaning would work? Are thier any wrong freqencies to watch out for?
buying a dirty used record from a resale shop would be worth while if it turned out to be cleanable. Brushes and cleaner are good to maintain a record or minimal fingerprints but that deep down played in dirt has been impossible for me to remove without damaging the record.
Please let me know if it will or won't and why,Thanks
Seems like Bent Audio had an ultra-sonic cleaner a few years back. You could ask them?
I think I read somewhere that John Chapman hadn't the time to pursue it further and turned over development to Bob Benn at Sound Engineering
Some people have made their own using the large ultrasonic cleaners used in the medical profession. I saw John Chapman's prototype at VSAC 2003.

I also had a friend that built a small one - one LP at a time. It worked quite well. It was amazing to watch the debris coming out of the grooves of a record that had been cleaned on a VPI RCM. Unfortunately, my friend never had time to build the big one that would clean multiple records at a time.

With the drop in prices of ultrasonic cleaners from China, hopefully, someone will bring out a commercial version. They really work much better than the hand scrub/vacuum dry machines.
That's right. Thanks yanx.