Ultrasonic record cleaners

I have a modest lp collection, mixed bag of original college age purchases, used records before the current renewed interest, and some newer albums to replace some older issues from the p mount needle days.  Have a vpi 16 machine and audio intelligent form 6 fluid. I’m not finding a significant improvement on my noisier issues.  The price of ultrasonic cleaners have come down to a price I would consider.  Appreciate the experiences of those who have purchased the ultrasonic machines, are they superior to my vpi and are the less expensive models effective?



I use a Degritter ultra Sonic record cleaning machine, and I find it to be very effective with older LPs, and it is very easy to use.  I have hundreds of older LPs I "inherited" from various people when folks were discarding their LPs in favor of CDs back in the late 1980s or early 90s so I have considerable experience using the Degritter on old used discs.  I find that if an LP is not scratched at all a heavy cleaning with the Degritter usually makes them quite listenable.

Before you go to the expense of making a Purchase of a Machine that has been thought of as affordable.

There are Vinyl LP Sales Outlets, that offer Services that will clean a LP in a US Tank. I have pointed this out a few months' past to another member. 

Some of these services have machines that have cost a few thousand $$'s. This could be a very good way to see how the Top End Devices used for US Cleaning can improve your LP, that is not achieving a standard of a clean you would like to see.

It should certainly help you decide, if a US Bath is worthwhile pursuing.