Ultrapath bp Preamp

Anyone build/heard the ULTRAPATH bp (the "bp" stands for "battery powered) preamp?
Welborne has a forum over at AA and there has been some discussion on this product. Not a heck of a lot as it would appear to be relatively new to market. I'm struggling with trying to figure out the comparative "value" in replacing my Rogue 66 Magnum with either a Magnum 99 (used for about $1500) versus something like the Ultrapath "ulitmate version" kit for $1250...
Just ordered one but it hasn't yet arrived. It looks very promising.
I just finished the kit--and to say that I am well- pleased does not do justice to the sound quality of this excellent device.
KUDOS to Ron Welborne and Jack Eliano!
Can you describe the sound of the Ultrapath in contrast to other pres you have had Bdodson? That would be much more helpful.

PS: After an extensive break in.
I spent some time at Jack Elliano's place a couple of months ago. He has some very nice circuits. The Ultrapath is a real good unit, and battery power only enhances things. He is doing some cutting edge stuff, and his Direct Reactance Drive amps are very cool too.

He is also a real nice guy, and we went out to dinner with some friends and had a real good time.
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