Ultralink Platinum Ultima MKII XLRs- Any Good?

I am looking at recabling my system shortly (as I moving to a Slim5 Middle Atlantic Rack) and wanted to know peoples thoughts on these cables?-




Geometry: Time-Aligned™, Tri-Gauge™ directionally balanced twisted-pair

Conductor: Cryogenically-treated, ultra-high purity, Lab-Grade 6N copper

Dielectric: Ultra-low capacitance Teflon® dielectric insulation

Shielding: Double-shielded (AL Mylar® foil + full copper braid)

Outer Jacket: TechFlex® protective outer braid + Directional Ring

Termination: Precision machined XLR connectors with 24K direct gold-plated contacts

Will be going from my Denon AVP-A1HD to my Active M&K S-150Ps and will be using them with other Ultralink Advance RCA & Monster M1000i RCAs.

I believe that Ultralink owns XLO and Argento as well?

Any opinions appreciated.
Argento Audio is not in any way part of Ultralink or XLO.

Ultralink have for some reason choosen to make a subbrand that is close to the Argento name.

Best regards,

Ulrik Madsen,
Argento Audio
Sorry I meant Argentum Acoustics Cables.