Ultradisc II 24kt Gold CD Resurfacing?

I recently came across a MFSL 24kt Ultradisc CD an it basically only has one scratch, but that scratch is the kind you can feel when you run your fingernail across it. It only effects one song. I would like to give a shot at resurfacing, but I don’t know if this type of cd is fine for resurfacing or if there is a reason that you should never try to do this. Do these discs have the same type of read side coating as standard cds and it is fine to resurface?
FWIW, my Cat Stevens 24Kt MoFi Ultradisc was cracked from the center to the CD edge. Not wanting to give it up, I laid it out flat and put a thin line of superglue along the crack. A few days later, after it had dried thoroughly, I played it on my CD player and it worked without any issue. My current player, an Oppo 105D, will play it but you can hear a faint clicking sound inside the player, fortunately not through the speakers. Also, I put superglue on the info side, not the shiny side.