Ultrabit Disc treatment

Has anyone used this new product??? and if so how would you qualify the results from your listening tests? Thanks :)
Awesome product!
The claim to the improvement is that the UB liquid allows the CD Laser to be able to read the bits stored in the CD better.

Try Ultra bitting a CD while also ultra bitting a quality CDR.
Then copy. The copy sounds better !
With better soundstage, treble, midrange, bass etc.

It defies what I would have believed to be true.
That is, the copy should not be better than the original.

The claim to treating 500 discs will never happen however.
A couple of different questions for you to still further help in my questioning;
Did you also have to use the disc cleaner prior to using the UltraBit?
Also my musical tastes are in soft rock(some harder), blues and jazz, if using UltraBit would (IYHO) still make a difference that would warrant the price? My system is "compact" using a Classe Integrated and AR CD2 thru Apogee spkrs. I also use the phenonimal Marigo 3-D stabilizer (which works Excellent!) with my rig and vib controls. You can see why I ask and why I still have some skepticism as well but, I much appreciate all the info you can help me with.
I don't know about Ultrabit, but it has been frequently reported that burned CD's sound better than originals, without any treatment.
How can this be so? I don't know. I speculate that it has something to do with the difference in the way the bits are encoded on the CD vs. the burned CDR. The original has pits, the CDR only has marks that the laser reads. Pure speculation on my part, but maybe has to do with the physics of the laser passing over the pits vs. the marks.
I keep very good care of cds.I have not had to use the cleaner. I too like classic rock and find improvement with all my cds using ultrbit. I am not sure if the treatment lasts foever. The product cost is minor to the improvement gained.
Not sure how it works, but it does. I played the same cuts untreated versus treated for some buddies of mine with good ears, and blindly they all picked the treated cuts, 4 out of 4. Not perfect science or anything, but interesting they all noticed a positive difference and commented it was not insignificant...their feedback mirrored my own experience....color me convinced
Ozzy & Atrhursmuck, I'm still doing (some more) research on Ultrabit but, I took the time to review the systems that you are using to help me compare some of my differences and let me say WOW!!!! I've got what I call a compact but nicely reveiling system. You both have great tastes in your choices (sorry to get off track). If (and when) I get Ultrabit, the 1st disc to listen to is Red Rider Neruda it has some low level voiceing and back grounds that I can only hear loud (I listen at VERY MODERATE volume levels) or very near the speaker, a good challange to hear a difference. Alternately have you listened to (new) CDs before that only got better sounding the more you listened to them without ever doing anything to the disc itself? I have had this happen example; INXS Switch.
Even my daughter listened to it with me and commented the same things, very veiled and compressed sounding, after 5 listens I had her listen again she asked if it was a different copy becuse it had opened up so much and sounded totally different! Not the first time it's happen but have you any speculations as to why? Thanks for your input so far, it has helped :)