Ultra - smooth bookshelves $500 or under

Can I get your recommendations for ultra-smooth bookshelf monitors for a 20 watt tube-based system for a small room. I listen primarily to jazz and classical at moderate levels. Have tried many single driver models but I just can't get that mellow (yes, veiled!) sound I'm looking for. I'm going for thick and syrupy here! Many thanks!
Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand come to mind.
Early KLH 6 loudpseakers..Gorgeous warm and very listenable..Usually available on Ebay..Nice ones are about $300....
Oh yeah, there's also a small PSB I heard a couple of years ago...maybe the B1?
I don't listen to much classical but for acoustic jazz I love my Silverline Audio SR-11s. A very romantic sounding speaker, cool looking also.
Check out the Silverline Minuets. I've been on a quest for a great pair of bookshelves for about 3 years and am happy at last. Veiled, thick and syrupy, no - but they are smooth to my ears.
Sonus Faber Concertino
I just bought ELT525's from av123.com for my office system. They are breaking in and I am powering them with an old NAD receiver. They are on sale for a limited time for $259 plus shipping (30 day trial).

These seem fit your description.

Beautiful finish as well.