Ultimate Silver Series-C4 ??

Hi, has anyone used these cables? There in Canada and the price is very reassonable.
Have a couple power cords, speaker cables and XLR IC's.

The speaker cables added a "smoothness" that's a little confusing because there doesn't seem to be anything subtractive. Compared favourably to Mogami and actually solved a sibilance issue that I thought was the room. Ferrites on speaker cables are unusual but haven't noticed any audible filtering on high frequencies, such as cymbals.

The balanced IC's easily replaced home-made DH Labs "Pro" with "crystalline" highs. Added active crossover at same time, so no direct comparison.

Never bothered with critical comparisons with PC's. Personally, I always felt that if cables make or break a system, there's something else wrong with the system.

Excellent value and Carl was wonderful to deal with. Silver/copper mix, teflon, straight-forward design, good price... what's to argue. Might argue about the effectiveness of cryo-treating but it doesn't hurt. No more DIY cables for me.

My setup: Genesis 350's, dual bridged Plinius SA100, DIY TVC, Talk Thunder 3.1B, NHT X2, custom center-tapped AC. Other cables: Nordost Blue Heaven XLR.