Ultimate power condotioner

Just moved to a new home and the sound of my system took a huge step toward higher detail.  No new components, or cables. Just a new room and what might be the ultimate power isolation.   I have my own transformer.
fed by an underground 7900 volt line and I’m the only one on it ( farm house) 
so if I turn off the computer and the fridge is not running...nothing  but lighting and my system pulling from it!
dedicated line all the way to the street, so to speak.

that and concrete walls with some room treatment and it’s like I spent big bucks on higher level components. 

Anyone else have similar experience?   
Also any thoughts on the best way to take advantage of the situation?  
Loving the state of things, but always wanting  to learn more.

You are probably the first to say that.
May well be the last too........

I too live in the country with my own transformer, also my listening room is in a new addition part of the house with a new 200 amp service box, apart from the old service that feeds the rest of the house where the appliances reside. Congratulations, it is a great way to have cleaner power!
Instead of moving to a rural location (farmhouse) and being surrounded by concrete walls and with an unlikely external voltage, you can really clean up the power with a reconditioner.  I yelled at my TVA sockets for years until I finally inserted a reconditioner.  Isolation transformers with the usual collection of suppression hardware made things better in some ways, less so in others but the reconditioned made an amazing difference.  (PS--I rarely use the word "amazing".)
I wonder if a similarly good experience would be to get a Tesla Powerwall and have it supply only your listening room. For good measure or if needed you can get a PS Audio Power Plant. The above might be clean power bliss. Yes/No?