Ultimate Outlet Chang or Power Wedge


I would like to know if there is any improvement to use Chang 6400 or Power Wedge 116 after the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet? or should it be better to use the PS Audio Juice Bar for extra outlets after the Ultimate Outlet?

Any opinion will be appreciated. Thanks.
You don't need ANY of those power "upgrade" gadgets.

If you own your home, you'd be FAR better off spending the money on having dedicated circuits installed. Of course, if you rent that may not be an option...
Seriously consider a Top Gun Power Block from Custom Power Cords. This is a two time T.A.S Golden Ears award winner. I would agree and disagree with Gthrush 1---a dedicated circuit will improve the power supply loading problems (especially true for high current drawing amps) but a dedicated circuit will NOT remove all the grunge feeding back to your electrical supply from your own house and that of your neighbors houses. If you do go with a dedicated circuit, find out about making a balance circuit from your 220 volt main, if you are running two high current drawing monoblockcs
(1) My initial experience with power conditioners (Chang in fact) was quite worthwhile. (2) Everything improved even more when I installed dedicated line powering the full chain of AC conditioners & upgrade AC cords, etc. (3) Use caution when running power conditioning equipment "in series". I was advised to do this, but found that putting two Changs in series (the higher-current model was first in line) constrained dynamics & killed the extension of bass & highs as well. It was not at all a good thing at my house, although it worked well in the other guy's rig (he claimed --- I never heard it myself). I would tend to try the juice bar first if you simply want more outlets; of course you should experiment with various configurations to determine what works best in your rig, because as always YMMV.