ultimate list of opera recordings

Seeking best world class top recordings in opera? So am I. I would like to start by saying that Victoria de los Angelos and Montserrat Caballe are two good singers to begin with. Opera is for me the finest form of music but it takes time to feel it. Not everyone can get into it, but for those who felt something upon hearing it in a movie or elsewhere I will let you in on a secret it gets better and better I first started out listening to only 5 or 6 operas thinking that listening to other operas would be like studying chemistry and that only the first few operas were pleasant to listen to. Boy was i mistaken it gets better and better but it has to occur naturally , I do not recommend pushing oneself into it. Imho start with la boheme , carmen, aida, rigoletto is excellent to start with.For those who have discovered excellent recordings please share it with others thanks.
You seem to have a fair amount of expertise, why don't you share with us your list of favorite operas and their performances. I'm sure others will follow suit.

One of my favorites is LaBoheme with Freni conducted by Shippers on EMI, but I have an easy time with most operas by Puccini and Verdi. And I just LOVE Gilbert & Sullivans's HMS Pinafore, Mikado, and The Pirates of Penzance (all on Telarc by Mackerras). And then there is Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, the great American opera (on Dorian by Litton.
I would be glad to list my favorite operas. I'll start with the accessible ones for those just getting into opera. May I first recommend to all: dvd's(I am ducking all those bullets for mentioning that poor sounding music format). It is just a suggestion, my immersion into opera started out with myself just enjoying the music without understanding what was going on. But when I followed the libretto and watched the action and stage set by setting up the dvd's hooked up to my tv set it became much more rewarding. Here are the accessible ones: la boheme with freni, carmen with carreras, aida with domingo, and rigoletto with pavarotti is one very accessible opera. Here are some not so accessible but very much rewarding, Imho mefistofoles is a genius composition, and karl bohm's abduction from the seraglio is one that I never tire of, it has a pleasant feel to it, otello with domingo is great as well. What I recommend is find out which opera suits yourself then explore the various recordings with different artists. Then one can move onto cd or lp recordings after understanding the emotion being portrayed.