ultimate final word 3 on best passive preamp

attenuator volume control top of the line #1 winner incredible fantastic deal of the century world class a. i have started a series here and included all these words to help newbies find this thread, this is so that someone new or not so new can make this the last stop before buying a passive volume control. can those who have experience with this area share with others what passive volume control is their choice and why and also which have been a disappointment thanks these are the ones i found so far i am not endorsing any just listing what is available and by the way some of these are available as kits to be soldered some are assembled, here they are: placette, machand, goldpoint, michael percy, evs ric shultz, transcendent, bent. please don't respond if you have nothing positive to contribute i welcome criticism if it's constructive but to those snobs who can only afford kharmas god bless your little soul and hey let's all agree on something "life like" does not replace the concert hall or the live performance "life like" means similiar and not exactly the same. for those who lack awareness we all know that the speaker will not replace the real thing but we are all here trying to get closer to it.
Here's three more to your list: Channel Islands Audio's VPC-1, Luminous Audio's AXIOM, and QED's MA 34.

Two important production considerations are (1) type and quality of attenuator -- continuous potentiometer, stepped with multiple individual resistors, or transformer-based; and (2) whether there is any impedance management circuitry. Of course, the most important factor is how they sound. I look forward to reading what the experts here have to say.
I tried the Bent- while I enjoyed the mids/highs, I found ti lacking in bass depth, and went bac to a much superior active unit...
Pedrillo, you said you welcome constructive criticism, so here it is. Your message would be easier to read and understand if you would capitalize the first letter of each sentence and the letter "I" when your refer to yourself. I understand if English is not your first language that you may not appreciate the importance of this. Please, do not take offense. This is friendly advice.
I have had the opportunity to use a Placette Passive in my own system (which has evolved since purchasing it) and trying it out in vastly different system. The 2 considerations listed by Jameswei above are right on, and are of great importance when deciding whether or not to use a passive preamp / attenuator. I have found that, at least in the case of the Placette, a high gain source and a friendly (>= 100 kOhm) load at the amplifier are key, especially in the absence of impedance management circuitry and any sort of buffering (which I think would be the purist definition of a passive). In my system, which is very friendly for the Placette, the passive has been magic. In a less "friendly" system (lower output digital source and < 30 kOhm load) the results were not good. In fact, we noticed a roll off of the highs, less stable images, and rolled off bass. Thus, based on my experience I would certainly place the Placette near the top of the list, with the caveat that current system components need to be taken into consideration.
Placette is absolutely astonishing
I owned the Placette Passive Linestage. I enjoyed using it in my system and would still have it but I needed to make a change. Back to the Placette Passive, It sounds wonderful with a good source. If the source is bright, the sound will be bright, if the system is warm, the sound will be warm. I truly feel it is giving the user what the source gives it. This is the best praise I can give the Placette Passive Linestage.

BTW: I still own a Placette. ItÂ’s no longer passive.

Hope this helps
I have had some experience with passive preamps (currently looking for a transformer-based option)

The best one IN my system was a First Sound Reference II Passive, I am still kicking myself for selling it.

i welcome criticism if it's constructive but to those snobs who can only afford kharmas bless your little soul

Excuse me? In your other rants...err... threads you talked about this being a learning place and that one shouldn't be defensive. Judging from your comments I assume it is alright to be offensive then?

Another friendly advice that applies to music and audiophile gear. Articulation and phrasing is very important.

The Placette is very special IMO.

During Christmas 2003 I had the opportunity to hear the ASL T1-DT, which costs $495. I personally felt that this little passive pre was very transparent & rendered the music with a lot of soul.
I did not get a chance to hear its big brother T2-DT.
I have owned the Placette, the ASL, Ultimate Attenuators, and a wide variety of active pre-amps. The Silver Rock is the best I've heard, but is ridiculously expensive for what it is. A more cost efficient alternative would be the Bent with silver autoformers, or the Sonic Euphoria.
Still find the passive lack of attack. Indeed it is on par with top of line active. Very nice low level detail with good clean seperation. Since it is passive, it is never harsh and it is nice and sweet sound. Also found it slightly slower pace than active.
It is like listen to 122 rpm LP at 118 rpm.
You have a turntable that plays at 122rpm? I think you meant bpm - beats per minute.
yes sorry I mean bpm. thinking too much about other things
Guys!, just received my PLC Sonic Euphoria, it is not bad at all !!!

1.- Great transparency
2.- Excellent resolution, particullary in the bass region
3.- Nice cosmetics

I ordered the SE version (2 autoformers) with WBT plugs.