ultimate final word 2 on best speakers

#1 world class winner incredible deal of the century best choices top of the line fantastic awesome pure realistic. i put these words in so that readers can find this thread. i am hoping that it'll get a large response so that it can be the final stop for newcomers to compare in the end before making their decision. a suggestion try to be breif and this is a learning place no need to get deffensive if tastes clash, we are all entitled to have our opinions. let's have fun and be open here are my choices for the very best incredibly life like speakers: mbl $45,000, dynaudio c4 $16,000, vandersteen 3asig. and 5a, von schweikert vr4 jr $4,000, psb alphas $250, sound dynamics 300 ti $400, ... i want to state what speakers i have heard so that members know how much experience i have i welcome others to do the same. these are speakers i heard that don't rate highest it doesn't mean they are bad or horrible but they don't approach what the others do; audio physics, theils, wilson, b&w, magnepan, martin logan, apogee, among others. thanks for stopping by please think it through before commenting let's remind ourselves what is it we are after a LIFE LIKE SOUNDING SPEAKER.
I have never heard a 'life like sounding speaker' at any price level, much less $250 or $400!

Speakers only reproduce what is sent to them, and are no more important but probably less important, than any other link in the audio chain.
I agree with Nrchy. I have never heard a speaker system sound totally life like. Usually, the true original dynamics are not there and the drum kit never sounds totally convincing(amongst other things) I have heard very good sound but if you sit down with a drum kit---well maybe it is lost in the recording process more than the speakers. At any rate, it's not there.
Well la-tee-da, nothing sounds completely lifelike, so some people don't want to play. He probably meant MOST life like, so in that spirit of fun, here're my favorites: Talon Audio Hawk - very detailed, no boxy colorations, very extended highs (I think the best highs I've heard), capable of producing very natural sounding instruments, doesn't seem too fussy about placement; Audio Physic Virgo II (not crazy about the rest of the line that I've heard, but haven't heard them all) - very natural vocals, warm sound, great resolution; Spica Angelus and TC50 - very good midrange, imaging for the price, but not a lot of low frequency warmth
I like Nestorovics and Coincidence. As far as importance I think speakers are the MOST important link in the chain, with the qualification that you need at least decent electronics. Certainly the better quality "everything" that you have will make a positive difference. However, with the best electronics,recording and average to poor speakers you won't get the sound you desire. With average electronics and great speakers (and a good sounding recording) it will be better sound IMHO.
i would like to add beolab 5 to this list i thought they could satisfy anyone who spends alot of time listening as they do not cause listening fatigue but yet they are very revealing in an accurate and nice way. also it feels as though the music is coming from way back behind the back wall producing a deep sound stage. and the bass is so tight and full sounding and realistic, this is a speaker to check out even if out of your price range.
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Honest1 are we now forced to interpret threads meaning? The question seems clear enough! And the phrase is la-DE-da, but not relevant!

This is a serious question that requires a thoughtful and accurate answer. There are no speakers that sound lifelike in the $15,000 range, much less the $250 range. While the talon you mention is not a bad speaker, there are few aspects of the sound reproduced by the Hawk that are remotely lifelike. For the price, they are not bad, but words mean things and questions deserve honest acuurate answers, not a meaningless opinion.

I have owned and listened to some very expensive gear and speakers. As much as I have liked much of this stuff, there were very few occasions when I was startled by how lifelike they sounded.

My Kharma speakers sound extremely lifelike in the reproduction of small bells and cymbals. Otherwise I have never been fooled by them. Would I still recommend them? Absolutely! They are very good speakers especially for the price, but don't delude yourself into believing that they are lifelike!
I suppose a lot comes down to what one comprehends in the terms "life-like". Surely Nrchy does not believe that there is a single sound emanating from a single venue from which we all adopt "the" true/living sound. Venues, acoustics, subjective placing and reception are surely far more complex than that!?

So, in the spirit of fun with which this thread started, I concur with Honest1. In my small listening room and with my associated equipment, the speakers that come closest to reflecting a generally representative sound of many of the "live" performances that I have heard would be the Talon Hawks and the Von Scweikert VR-4 III SE's. The frequency extension, 3D staging, timbral range and speed of them bringing out the best from my experience and environment.