Ultimate digital sources are more affordable.

Among the well-acclaimed digital sources in the last few years are DCS and EMM labs. Though, it is well beyond the dream of most audiophiles, the introduction of the new, one box from DCS (P8i) and the EMM Labs combo (DCC2/CDSD) are now priced at about 10K for a used set.

I had the pleasure auditioning the DCS P8i at home for few days. My prior digital fronts were the Burmaster, MBL, and ML 390s.

I was very impressed with the performance of the P8i – part of the qualities I found were – realism, details at all frequency ranges, fast, dynamic, and very good staging.

I never auditioned the EMM Labs combo or the stack DCS.

Would appreciate discussions on the performance of DCS and EMM labs. Can the new one box from DCS be comparable to the EMM set?
For good reading do a search for the thread, "EMM vs Wadia", though it obviously concerns EMM and Wadia many other digital gear ended up in the discussion, which is extremely lengthy. Good luck and happy listening!