Ultimate Cables no more?

I placed an order with Ultimate Cables 3 weeks ago. The order went through, but I havent gotten the cables and when I went to check status on the web site it is gone. Anyone know what is going on?
I know when I bought some of their cables, they took a long time to arrive, but the website being missing is disturbing.
Every time I have ordered something from Canada, it has taken a long time. I think their customs is the problem.
I bought some of his cables about a year ago and it took a few weeks to get here.
You might e-mail him anyway.
I hadnt gotten responses to email and the web site was down, so I put in a paypal claim. I finally got an email today saying the cables would be shipped out this week. 3 weeks since my order and payment. If the web site wasnt out I would have felt more comfortable.
So, still no cables and no responses to my emails. Shipping from Canada to Florida does not take almost 3 weeks. Has anyone had any recent experience with these people, or have a phone number?
Get back on that Paypal claim at once then look for something else. I have shipped to Canada from Florida in the past (but won't anymore) due to customs taking 13-14 days. I hate for people to have to wait after they purchase from me. The last thing I shipped was a Linn Tonearm, that went through after two weeks, but it never dawned on me that the arm does look like a gun. I'd try to get my money back before it's too late. Good luck.
I was 2 days too late on my paypal claim to escalate to a claim. You have 45 days from when you file an initial complaint, and I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt for too long. never again.
Manitunc, is your Paypal account tied to your Credit Card? If it is, you have to try to get a chargeback. Your CC CO. makes the final decision, not paypal.
If you paid via a credit card through PayPal dispute the charge with your credit card company. If you didn't use a credit card you just learned another valuable lesson.
Agree with Clio09 regarding the credit card dispute recommendation. If you've linked PayPal to your bank account, I'm really not sure what options are available from your bank.

I've read a few of these horror stories recently on the A'gon and it just vicariously sickens me. I hope you get support from your bank or CC.
No credit card. Direct withdrawl from bank account with paypal. I was 2 days late in escalating the dispute to a claim, so no help from paypal. Does anyone know how to contact them, or Carl Barbieri. I have emailed and left messages on phone. Now looking for an address.
Sorry to read what you are having to deal with, I reside in Canada so after reading your delima and not being very familiar with the compamy googled it, is it this company?


The site seemed to be active "poor" but looking at the contact info does not provide an actual number and looking at the bottom of the page in relation to address is just a P.O. Box.

Ultimate Cables P.O. Box 24087 Montreal ,Quebec, H1A 4Z2 Canada

To me looks a little sketchy and would never send any money.

A thought would be to look up any reviews and contact them, Audiophilia reveiwed them back in 2008.

Audiophilia, Inc. tel - 647 284 5414

I also went onto a local search engine and typed in Carl Barieri and came up with this, not sure if it's the same guy or not but ironic that it also showed up to be in Montreal Quebec same area as P.O. Box of Ultimate Cables so you might want to call and see.


Carl Barbieri
(514) 642-0029
16074 Rue Bellerive
Montreal, QC H1A5A2

Best of luck
I don't know this company I had not heard of them but I wan't to help you if I can, please contact me at highendaudionut@gmail.com
You got the right company. There are 8 Carl Barbieris in the Montreal area, so I dont know which one. I bought after reading the audiophilia review and others as well as a 100% favorable rating on ebay. Unfortunately, it seems the business has had problems starting late last year from a bunch of posts on www.stereo.net.au/forums. Just put ultimate cables in the search engine. Same problems, no cables, late, no response, excuses.

I finally got an email back today, after leaving a voice mail on his phone suggesting I would contact authorities. He says he mailed 2 weeks ago. but no tracking number.
We shall see. And no explanation why he hasnt responded to numerous emails and phone calls.
Of course, no contact after he said he would get back to me on Thursday after he checked what happened to the shipment.
This is exactly what scares me about some of these brands that are slightly "fringe" brands and that you can only seem to be able to get through distributors. I posed this sort of scenario on another forum ("Great Cables ... That Get Little Attention") but it seems people don't seem to mind.
Good luck Manitunc.
I may be old fashioned but I am sticking to stores for these sort of purchases!
I can't comment about recent experiences with Carl, but I purchased a fair number of UC cables a couple of years ago for a HT setup and was pleased with the results. If I had to criticize, shipping was a little slowish, but have been happy with their quality and value. I had no issues with communication from Carl - seemed like a decent guy.
So two weeks ago when he finally emailed me back to say they had been mailed two weeks before, insured and he would check to see where they are and get back to me the next day, I still have no cables, still have no response and still have no refund. I leave messages on his phone every couple of days or so, and still no response.
Is this really a business?
You got took big time,the cables cant be to good either.
Doesn't seem like a cable I would want to hook my components to! Be careful...
Yeah, well I relied on recommendations from this website and others, as well as a good review
I tend to agree with Manitunc on this, many people get their information from forums and reviews and we tend to trust what is written.
Bottom line for me is that I prefer dealing with stores and not with distributors that may not be around or selling other products at the drop of a hat. At least with a reputable store, you can try different options and generally won't be left out to dry.
website is working fine today here in Toronto
drop me line if you cannot get ahold of them yourself.


Sounds like a US Customs thing: the cables shipped from Canada to USA will trigger US duties, US taxes and brokerage handling fee; and unless you have a US customs pre-arranged in advance, they will sit in limbo (waiting for authorization and payment) in US Customs a long time

good luck
I have received other electronic equipment from Canada and England since I placed this order. Nothing took more than 7 days. I know the web site is back up, but try to contact anyone through it. Not a chance.
In many years of on line buying, Ive never been ripped off like this before. It is one reason I use Paypal, but in this case I didnt escalate the dispute on time.
Does anyone have a physical address from this guy, somethingn other than a PO box. Maybe from a shipping label if you bought something from him? He's in the Montreal area.
Been Having the same issue. I have a dispute pending with them on Pay-Pal. The fact that they do not post a telephone number on their website is highly suspicious. Had to hunt for it.

Contact info is as follows:

Ultimate Cables
P.O. Box 24087
Montreal, Quebec, H1A 4Z2
I just called that number, and got a recording saying the customer is unavailable. doesnt sound good. I guess my $375 is gone for good.
I had felt the same way but after a long period of waiting and no communication from them they finaly arrived.I HOPE you find your wait was worth it.... I DIDNT...I learned my lesson and now I stick with cables that are well known and have a great reputation for customer service and great sound
The problem, of course, is that I still need cables.If I wait and they dont come, Im out $375. If I buy other cables, and they do come, then I guess I can still use them. Or sell them to someone else that is waiting.
still no response or cables. Going on 3 months
My experience was similar, but having read feedback for him I was aware that the shipping was abnormally and uncomfortably slow ( 3-4 months). However once they arrived I felt they were worth the wait. I hope your purchase turns out as well
No, I think I will keep reminding others so no one else gets burned the way I did.
Strange to hear of all the issues, I've been dealing with Carl for years and his products are great, I've replaced some very expensive cables with Carl's products (primarily IC's), they deliver far beyond their modest price point, I've always felt it was a hidden gem in the audio world. Carl sometimes can take a while to get back to you but he always does and he's a man of his word. My most recent transaction was in February (tonearm cable) and I've communicated with Carl recently. The tonearm cable is great! far exceeded my expectations, my Kubala Sosna is going up for sale soon...
Just to update, still no cables or refund. Got an email, though, on 5/28/2012 saying he will check into it. Of course, he was checking into it 2 months ago. Seems a bad review on Canuck AudioMart got him riled up. So these forums do work, kinda.
Another 2 weeks after he said he would send a refund. No refund,no cables, no more communiciation
have you discussed this with your bank, maybe its fraud department can help you in some way
No, I paid with direct withdrawl from my bank account through paypal. I just missed the dispute date by one day.
Hi. I've also dealt with Carl before. I am keeping his cable for sure.. it's still in my system.

drop an e-mail again..
I wish I could do the same, but no cable, no refund and no communication.
I have any or all of four of his power cables available to sell to you if you are interested. I'm in Toronto.

I bought them directly from UC about 2 years ago: used three are the "standard" 1 meter length in my "B" syaytem just sold; and one is ~ 4 meters long(gotta check actual length): used it for 4 months as a temporary stop-gap for my plasma TV while my new man-cave was being built.

Drop me a line at andy@gunarsons.ca if you are interested and want more details.
I had ordered biwire speaker cables in 10' length. I cant even remember anymore if i ordered an interconnect.
Still no cables. Still no response to emails or telephone calls. Website still up taking orders. beware.
I had an experience decades ago that may help you. I pre-paid for a restored and updated Marantz 7 tube preamp. At first, communications were normal- things were progressing. (This was in the days before the Internet). Finally, it became apparent that the supplier was not responding. I contacted various third parties, including the magazine (now defunct) where his ad appeared. After a long hiatus, and having effectively given up, the US Postal Service ran an ad in our local paper touting their ability to catch mail frauders. After contacting the US postal authorities (this transaction was entirely within the US), and filing a complaint, the Postmaster simply cut off the guy's mail. I got a good check in a matter of a week.
Now, you did this electronically, but the cyber-cops in Canada may be able to help and to the extent the vendor used electronic forms of communication to promote and receive payment, they may have some jurisdiction over him. Cutting off Internet service alone obviously wouldn't do it, but if consumer protections laws are strong, combined with meaningful enforcement of whatever computer/e-commerce laws are on the books there, you may be able to get him. Remember, they got Al Capone on tax fraud, not on his other crimes. Hang in there. I hate hearing stories like this, because we all like to presume a little good faith in this world, and most of the time, people come through. The bad actors really spoil the experience.
His latest ad touts his new products for July! He hasnt shipped items paid for in february! I cant believe Im the only one he has scammed!
still no cables, still no communication. and now I see others are buying and not getting their stuff. Please everyone, stop wasting your money until he resolves his outstanding orders. 5 months is long enough for anyone, regardless of his claimed problems. Or at least refund the money.
Still no cables, still no response. Ordered in February. Here is his communication. Completely dishonest.

Dear sir, I was unable to go to the post office for 3 weeks, my son is sick and things do not look good. I will go back this week and get the status of your order. If you do not receive your order I will refund you.thanks


From: Manitunc@aol.com [mailto:Manitunc@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 12:38 PM
To: carl.barbieri@videotron.ca
Subject: Re: [NEW ORDER] Order Confirmation No: 458


In a message dated 4/18/2012 8:34:10 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, carl.barbieri@videotron.ca writes:

Dear Peter,

I received your message. I shipped out your cables 2 weeks ago. I had them tracked and insured. I will go back to the post office thurs night and check the status. I hope they were not returned to me which could be the reason why you did not receive them. I will email you Thurs night.


From: Manitunc@aol.com [mailto:Manitunc@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 9:32 AM
To: carl.barbieri@videotron.ca
Subject: Re: [NEW ORDER] Order Confirmation No: 458

Why havent I received my cables yet, or a refund, and why do I not get any response to my emails to your website? This has taken way too long.,

Peter Malecki

In a message dated 3/27/2012 7:24:10 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, carl.barbieri@videotron.ca writes:

Dear peter I received the banana ends yesterday, you must realize that this is a long custom order. I will ship out this week, please be patient.thanks


From: Ultimate Cables [mailto:sales@ultimatecables.com]
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2012 1:51 PM
To: sales@ultimatecables.com
Subject: [NEW ORDER] Order Confirmation No: 458

AuthCode: TransID: 30H371457V666322S

Order Confirmation Ultimate Cables

peter malecki,
Thanks for shopping with us today!
The following are the details of your order.

Order Number: 458
Date Ordered: Friday 09 March, 2012
Click here for a Detailed Invoice


1 x
Bi-Wireable Speaker Cables
Termination All Bananas
Length + 6 Feet

1 x
Silver Series C4 Tonearm Cardas female- Neutrik rca
Length Standard 1.2 Meters




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peter malecki
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I use his cables and have found them to be of very high quality and they produce excellent sound. I think the lesson to be learned here is to ALWAYS use a credit card so that you have charge back previledges when ordering something online/through the mail, especially from another country.
They still have a webpage.
Anyone that has some old Ultimate Cables RCA Interconnects sitting around, please contact me, I'm looking for a few.  Thanks!