Ultimate Cables

Anyone ever audition their IC's? Curious as to the sound of the silver/copper hybrid and how they compare.
read my review at audiophilia.com .

scroll down to the middle of the home page, click the "cable" bar and you will find the review.
Wow, Mr T and I agree on something. Who da thunk.

Haven't tried the IC's but the power cords and speaker cables contributed toward a silky smoothness without any significant loss. Carl is willing to make to order.
Thanks to both. Any others? My intrigue lies in the pure silver/copper mix, not coated wire. The prices are ridiculously low. I realize they have a 30-day, but was hoping for more opinions before going down that road myself.
Considering cables cost a couple bucks to make, I'd hardly call the prices "ridiculously low", not ridiculously high would be more accurate. ;)

That out of the way. I have the ICs in a bedroom system and they get the job done fine.
You nailed it.

Mind elaborating a bit on the sound? Compared to others? Do you find them 'the best of both worlds'?
I'm a big fan of Ultimate Cables, the level of detail exceeds all other IC's I've tried. Deep taught bass and a good sound stage. Both of my systems are wired exclusively with Ultimate C4's. Excellent bang for the buck.


Considering cables cost a couple bucks to make...

A couple bucks for who to make? A Chinese mass producer?
Some of the Zu Cables use a "silver alloy" but my guess is that it would be copper and silver. Their Varial and Wylde interconnects, Ibis and Libtec speaker cables, and Mother and BoK power cords use it. I just put Wylde, Libtec, and BoK cables in my LP-based 2-channel system and like the results very much--lowered noise floor, more dynamic extremes and nuance, more transparency, more fully fleshed out tones, and better rhythm and timing.