Ultimate Audio Upgrade

No, not something from Machina Dynamica. I made the big plunge in my next step in music appreciation. I purchased a cello and am learning to play! Seems that after several years of audio listening I continue to want more and more. The last time I got so excited was when I listened to a pair of Verity Parsifal Ovations driven by a VTL 6.5 and MB 450's and dcs SACD source. And they didn't even sound as nice. And the cello was a little less expensive. I would be interested in peoples recommendation of cello music that is "outside the box", bluegrass, jazz, etc so that I may expand on what might be possible with this instrument. I would also appreciate anyones experience with picking up an instrument late in life. Thanks, David.
Congratulations on your new hobby. Learning to play an instrument is a great experience. I started playing the piano later in life when my children started taking lessons. The better I get the more I enjoy it. Been playing and taking lessons about 7 years now. Seem to have morphed into a Chopin pianist along with some new age type stuff such as George Winston or David Nephew.

BOND - definitely "fit" - you'll find yourself thinking outside and inside the box.
What power cord are you using on the cello?
after playing the cello, the deficincies of stereo systems will become evident.
Even more important, what material is the pike on the cello made of?

Seriously, playing a musical instrument, especially one where one 'forms' the notes instead of just striking a key, will give a new perspective when listening to music through your audio system. Things like perceived differences in power cords will not seem as important as the sound of your instrument held and played in different ways. You will also discover that it is impossible to reproduce the sound of your instrument with your audio system no matter how much you try!


Bob P.
ok, we can already see where this is heading. I have limited experience with cello music, though it's one of my favorite instruments. I like Jordi Savall "Les Voix Humaines", and of course Yo Yo Ma.

I also picked up an instrument this year - I bought a guitar in February to see if I would learn it. I had played guitar and clarinet in grade school, but poorly. I'm 53 now.

To my surprise I couldn't put it down, and have progressed far better than I even anticipated. The problem is once I became more proficient, my little guitar and amp were no longer satisfactory. I had to upgrade. Then I realized I needed an acoustic, and then I needed a Strat, then a Les Paul, and a 335, and another amp . . . I now have 4 amps and 7 guitars.

Maybe this was predictable.
Though I still love my audio system the two times where I listened to something and was a little disappointed when comming home was listening to the Verity/VTL system above and hearing this cello under the bow of a decent cellist. Now I need to become a decent cellist. Well, that and buy that Verity/VTL system and add a decent analog source.
For music, check out the Barkohkba Sextet's "the Circle
Maker", it is Masada's klezmer/jazz done in a gorgeous chamber style.
thanks to taking up the piano, i gained a deep appreciation for professional pianists that transcends any explainations i could offer in words. even simple embellishments (trills, grace notes, dynamic shadings, attack) bring life to what would otherwise be just depressing keys in some orderly fashion. now that i don't play as much i don't "get into" recordings as much as i used to, since "an ashkenazy" makes it look so easy to play. and similar things occur with guitar music- the ability to attack the strings cleanly while playing fast, complicated music, or slow passages (perhaps even more) is overwhelming after my clumsy attempts.
after having disparaged my abilities so thoroughly, the ability to create a musical phrase that belongs to me alone, as well as the intimate pleasure of listening closely to the sounds real instruments produce, make it all worthwile. and sometimes, after a few days of practice in a row, i seem to be able to come MUCH closer to playing what comes into my head spontaneously, and like riding a bike, you rapidly pick up where you left off. then, after expending some real effort in the practice room, i can put on a cd and enjoy the performance 1000% more than i could listening with a general passivity, like saying "well OF COURSE these guys can play Mozart, as much as they practice, etc." NO, it's more than just being good enough to play mozart- it's being good enough to RE-create a masterwork as if it had just been written yesterday.
woob woob woob!!